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Australian movie star Margot Robbie is our June/July 2018 cover star! Check out this issue to see her best blonde bob looks and her favorite haircare tips.

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See what celebs make our “The Best In” list for their standout manes.

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Make a mane statement this season with gorgeous metallic-hued hair!

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Get inspired by your favorite celebs red carpet mane moves!

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Sophisticate’s is giving away over $7,000 worth of this season’s latest and greatest beauty products and tools in the June/July 2018 issue. Check out our Big Beauty Giveaway to enter for a chance to win fabulous swag!

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The hottest must-have products for this season are right here. Get in the know and grab yours today!

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JCPenney Salons and The Salon At InStyle At JCPenney gives us the rundown on how to wear this season’s hottest haircolor.


Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 30


Apr. 30

For max shine, rinse hair with apple cider vinegar and warm water, then rinse with cold-as-possible water to close cuticles.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 29


Apr. 29

Highlighting and lowlighting can be done with any hairstyle because it adds fun, flair and dimension.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 28


Apr. 28

For an at-home deep conditioning mask, take a quarter-size amount of shea butter and mix it in with your favorite conditioner; then, put on hair and wrap it up in a warm towel for five to 10 minutes.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 27


Apr. 27

Mist damp tresses with a texturizing spritz prior to blow-drying with a round brush to achieve smooth strands with a slight flip.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 26


Apr. 26

Women of all hair textures, types and colors can opt for a shine enhancing treatment or gloss to give hair extra longevity.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 25


Apr. 25

If your natural color is blonde, go for lowlights that are one or two levels darker than your natural color to bring out dimension and increase shininess.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 24


Apr. 24

Know how to toss your hair in a chignon or chic ponytail when you have only a few moments to get ready.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 23


Apr. 23

Try a dry shampoo—it creates a really great texture in the hair.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 22


Apr. 22

Choose a blow-dryer with cool, medium and hot settings to help control the temps. Stick to medium heat to prevent burning or damaging hair.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 21


Apr. 21

When getting ready to make a haircolor switch, start with a strand test. Color just one strand of hair—in an inconspicuous place—to help determine if you like the new color.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 20


Apr. 20

If you roll pieces of hair in opposite directions, alternating the way you roll it, it gives the hair loose curls, which will bounce off each other.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 19


Apr. 19

Mousses, styling lotions and pomades are all good products for short hair. If you’re looking for volume, use a little bit of sculpture lotion at the crown for lift.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 18


Apr. 18

To battle dry, brittle ends, have a stylist snip off about an inch of the hair’s length before adding a few additional layers throughout for definition.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 17


Apr. 17

Protein is a must for hair health and growth. Eat foods like salmon, yogurt and lean meats like turkey or chicken breasts for your protein intake.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 16


Apr. 16

Preserve the vibrancy and shine of your haircolor by doing a conditioning treatment once a week. Set a day for that little extra TLC for healthy hair.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 15


Apr. 15

For added shine, volume and shape, try using a half-boar bristle, half-plastic round brush when blow-drying tresses.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 14


Apr. 14

Want to achieve the perfect blow-dry? Part hair into four sections for greater control. You can blow-dry it straight and round the ends for a sleek look

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 13


Apr. 13

To make hairstyling more manageable, use a paddle brush to blow-dry your bangs when hair is wet.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 12


Apr. 12

A large barrel curling iron can help twist and define curls. Use a mousse to scrunch texture into those lovely curls.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 11


Apr. 11

To help achieve dimensionalized color with incredible shine, have your colorist reach for demi-permanent color.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 10


Apr. 10

Preserve your curls! At night, tie your locks into a loose ponytail or wrap them with a scarf. The next morning, tousle tresses with your fingers and go!

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 9


Apr. 9

Try ceramic styling tools and heat protectant products to minimize the possibility of heat damage.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 8


Apr. 8

Sporting a short, layered snip? Piece out those lengths using a dab of pomade for a sexy bedhead style.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 7


Apr. 7

Tired of your white hot hue? Tone it down a bit with some honey blonde lowlights.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 6


Apr. 6

Want to define your radiant ringlets? Separate each spiral with a touch of pomade so each tendril has a personality all its own.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 5


Apr. 5

Take your cropped coif to new heights and prep with a bit of root booster before blow-drying with a round brush and finishing with flexible-hold spray.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 4


Apr. 4

Looking for good styling products for short hair? Mousses, styling lotions and pomades are all good products to style cropped coifs—especially ones with layers!

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 3


Apr. 3

Glam up the classic ponytail. Start by fashioning a few waves with a curling iron. Then, smooth the crown down with gel, and gather spirals into a ponytail at the crown.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr. 1


Apr. 1

Mix it up! Pair straight-laced bangs with spiral curls for a multi-textured style.

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