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Australian movie star Margot Robbie is our June/July 2018 cover star! Check out this issue to see her best blonde bob looks and her favorite haircare tips.

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See what celebs make our “The Best In” list for their standout manes.

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Make a mane statement this season with gorgeous metallic-hued hair!

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Get inspired by your favorite celebs red carpet mane moves!

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Sophisticate’s is giving away over $7,000 worth of this season’s latest and greatest beauty products and tools in the June/July 2018 issue. Check out our Big Beauty Giveaway to enter for a chance to win fabulous swag!

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The hottest must-have products for this season are right here. Get in the know and grab yours today!

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JCPenney Salons and The Salon At InStyle At JCPenney gives us the rundown on how to wear this season’s hottest haircolor.


Hair Tip of the Day – Jun 30


Jun. 30

Blow-drying curly or wavy locks with a diffuser attachment helps to preserve movement and shape.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun 29


Jun. 29

The key to creating great looking messy braids is all in the technique. Once you’ve created and secured the braid, slide your hand upward through it so the ends fray out a little bit and the look isn’t too controlled.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun 28


Jun. 28

If your hair is fine, get maximum attitude from your look by opting for a texturized pixie cut.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun 27


Jun. 27

Summer styles are unstructured and full of texture. If your hair is naturally straight, add texture by blow-drying quickly and curling random, one-inch sections around a curling iron to create a messy look.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun 26


Jun. 26

Make the most of super-long hair by rocking long, extra-thick bangs.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun 25


Jun. 25

Never dye your hair more than three or four shades lighter than your natural color. A drastic change leaves hair prone to breakage and shedding.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun 24


Jun. 24

Finding the right colorist is crucial! Research your color pro and have them audition for you with a color consultation before you even consider making a shade switch.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun 23


Jun. 23

You need to treat your hair the same way you would your skin. If you’re headed to the beach, try using an oil-based suntan lotion in your hair to serve as a protective barrier against the rays of the sun.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun 22


Jun. 22

Color yourself happy! It’s really important to talk to your colorist ahead of time about your skin tone and what will look best on you.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun 21


Jun. 21

Over your boring ponytail? Try leaving your hair tousled and down or twist it into a chignon for a soft, upswept style.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun 20


Jun. 20

Hot rollers are the safest heat-styling tools. Rolling hair around hot rollers with a tissue placed between them and your tresses will further protect your sexy strands.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun 19


Jun. 19

This summer we’re seeing more vibrant colors. It’s all about the stronger, natural reds. Think copper, 14-carat gold, papaya, mango and turnip.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun 18


Jun. 18

Looking for va-va volume? Teasing hair at the roots in the crown area is a quick and easy way to add some fullness to flat locks.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun. 17


Jun. 17

If you want a longer hold when you style with a curling iron try spraying hairspray before curling hair.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun 16


Jun. 16

Avoid heat styling as much as possible. Generally speaking, if a heat-styling tool is too hot to hold in your hand, you should not be using it in your hair.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun 15


Jun. 15

Before becoming a bombshell blonde it’s important to consider your lifestyle because caring for a golden tresses can be expensive and time consuming.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun 14


Jun. 14

Summer 2010 haircolor is bold, vibrant and natural looking. Platinum, white-blonde hair is not hot anymore and neither is long black, gothic-looking hair.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun 13


Jun. 13

When you’re done swimming, shampoo (or at least rinse!) immediately because you don’t want the chlorine baking into your hair.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun 12


Jun. 12

One of the most effective ways to deal with cowlicks at the bang area is to try drying the bangs forward with a vent or round brush so that the cowlick will be weighted down.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun 11


Jun. 11

Now is the perfect time to try out some beachy waves. Start by combining about an ounce of sea salt with some water inside a spray bottle and misting on damp hair. Then just let your hair air dry, flip it upside down and tousle with your fingers

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun 10


Jun. 10

Anytime you go lighter you want to make sure you keep moisture in your hair. It’s best to use a deep conditioner at least two or three times a month.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun. 9


Jun. 9

If you want your overall color to be lighter, do highlights, and if you want the overall picture to be darker, do lowlights. If you want it to be the same but with no regrowth, you do both.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun. 8


Jun. 8

A great trick for growing out your bangs is to braid them and position them on the side of the head with them directed across the forehead.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun. 7


Jun. 7

To keep gray roots at bay, head back to the salon every four weeks if you have all-over color, and every six to eight weeks for highlights.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun. 6


Jun. 6

Chlorine can make strands seem lighter, but it is actually drying them out. When you’ve been swimming in a pool, you need to rinse your hair immediately.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun. 5


Jun. 5

To touch up beachy curls, finish with a little bit of serum to refine the look and make it shiny, which will also help with frizz.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun. 4


Jun. 4

Combat the cowlick around your crown by lightly towel-drying hair and then blow-drying in the opposite direction of the cowlick.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun. 3


Jun. 3

Six to eight strategically placed highlights around the face will make a world of difference in brightening up your overall look.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun. 2


Jun. 2

The best way to get a lifted, beachy look is putting your hair on top of your head in a scrunchie and sleeping in it.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jun. 1


Jun. 1

Be aware of the elements—whether it’s sun or water. When you’re on vacation use bottled water and spray your hair with a sun protectant spray.

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