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America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift is gracing our February 2018 cover! We have all of the pop star’s best mane moves and beauty secrets right in this issue.

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Check out these glamourous before and after hair makeovers!

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Sophisticate’s got to chat with Fox-TV Star’s Brittany O’Grady!

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Bring in the holidays with hair inspirations from your favorite celebs!

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Win some free products from our Holiday Glamapalooza Big Beauty Giveaway! Give the gift of beauty swag this year.

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We have some of the top products you need to bring with you into the new year! Check them out!

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Take a look at this season’s hottest nail colors with CND’s Night Spell collection!


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Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 31


Aug. 31

Add a special touch to your basic ponytail. Leave a small, half-inch section loose and wrap it around the elastic band. Secure with a bobby pin and you’re good to go!

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 30


Aug. 30

Get perfectly undone waves by applying a little leave-in conditioner to damp hair and allowing locks to dry naturally. This will help the curls separate, giving you a beachy look.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 29


Aug. 29

Fight the frizz! After your look is complete, spritz a bit of lightweight finishing spray to lock in your style and battle humidity.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 28


Aug. 28

Any look can be done on any person when done in moderation and proportions that are customized specifically for you. A good stylist will make recommendations based on your needs.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 27


Aug. 27

Maintain the vibrancy of blonde hair by using ceramic tools. They infuse more moisture into the hair than steel tools do.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 26


Aug. 26

Invest in a good blow-dryer. You can style your hair any way you like using a blow-dryer and a nozzle!

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 25


Aug. 25

A lot of women get their hairstyle inspiration from music! If you’re feeling really daring, try a punk-rock look by wearing bright-colored hair extensions in violet or hot pink.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 24


Aug. 24

To keep thick hair under control, start with a taming balm on damp hair and focus products on the scalp and crown.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 23


Aug. 23

Using hot rollers to curl your hair? Keep those spirals in tact by allowing the curls to cool before gently tousling with your fingers and misting a bit of light-hold hairspray.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 22


Aug. 22

If you’re worried about your haircolor growing out too fast, ask your stylist to foil hair in very fine sections to help disguise outgrowth.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 21


Aug. 21

As you blow-dry your hair, angle the blow-dryer down the hair shaft to seal the cuticle and promote shine.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 20


Aug. 20

If you put any products (like mousse or texturizing spray) in damp hair, ensure they have been distributed evenly by going over tresses with a wide-tooth comb.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 19


Aug. 19

To achieve maximum volume while blow-drying your hair, try using nylon or bristle-mix brushes. You’ll get the perfect amount of tension as you lift and pull from the root.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 18


Aug. 18

Go for a multi-dimensional look with dual haircolors. Try a light chocolate base underneath and add sun-kissed golden highlights on top.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 17


Aug. 17

In need of a little inspiration? Hit the streets and see what hairstyles the women in your neighborhood are rocking.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 16


Aug. 16

Don’t be afraid to change up your style as often as you change your clothes. It’s almost like playing dress up—you can be a different woman any time you want!

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 15


Aug. 15

Get lustrous waves with a long, layered snip cut on a slight side part. Layer hair shorter near the face but keep the length on the sides and in the back.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 14


Aug. 14

A good foundation to any fabulous hairstyle begins with a dab of mousse on wet or dry hair.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 13


Aug. 13

It’s easy to translate a runway look into everyday-wear-hair. The key is in not exaggerating the shape and keeping it a bit more controlled.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 12


Aug. 12

To achieve the hottest shade of blonde in Hollywood right now, start with a golden beige base, then add foil highlights and lowlights.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 11


Aug. 11

Use a large round brush or curling iron to get a lot of volume in your glamourous hairstyle.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 10


Aug. 10

Before you commit to a style change, take a photo you like (Sophisticate’s has tons of great options!) to your stylist and see whether it’s something that’s able to be done on your hair.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 9


Aug. 9

If you spend a lot of time in chlorinated pools, pick up an inexpensive bottle of conditioner at the drugstore and apply a substantial amount to your hair before swimming to maintain a healthy mane.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 8


Aug. 8

Make it a habit to have your tresses trimmed every two months to eliminate brittle ends.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 7


Aug. 7

Avoid deep conditioners that contain a lot of protein because they tend to make the hair more dry and brittle.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 6


Aug. 6

If you have cool-toned, pale skin, go for warmer blondes and brunette shades; if you have a lot of red in your face, opt for cooler, ashier colors.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 5


Aug. 5

When shampooing, never use hot water to wet your hair. Hair strands are susceptible to extreme heat and hot water will only cause damage. Instead, just use lukewarm water.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 4


Aug. 4

To keep your hair lustrous and healthy, avoid products made with sulfates and SD alcohols whenever possible.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 3


Aug. 3

The hairstyle trick with having a square face is drawing attention away from that jaw. This is done by putting texture in your hair. Short curls do exactly this, as do long layers that start just below the jaw line.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 2


Aug. 2

For a more sophisticated look, try to keep the length of your hair to just above your shoulders.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 1


Aug. 1

Applying a lightweight leave-in treatment will help maintain a frizz-free, silky mane.

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