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Australian movie star Margot Robbie is our June/July 2018 cover star! Check out this issue to see her best blonde bob looks and her favorite haircare tips.

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See what celebs make our “The Best In” list for their standout manes.

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Make a mane statement this season with gorgeous metallic-hued hair!

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Get inspired by your favorite celebs red carpet mane moves!

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Sophisticate’s is giving away over $7,000 worth of this season’s latest and greatest beauty products and tools in the June/July 2018 issue. Check out our Big Beauty Giveaway to enter for a chance to win fabulous swag!

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The hottest must-have products for this season are right here. Get in the know and grab yours today!

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JCPenney Salons and The Salon At InStyle At JCPenney gives us the rundown on how to wear this season’s hottest haircolor.


Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 30


Nov. 30

Heat up a chilly night with luscious waves. Apply a leave-in conditioner to natural curls, comb through, shake and air dry. Blow-dry if you’re headed outside right away.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 29


Nov. 29

Banish those stray flyaways with a finishing lotion, which provides great hold without leaving your strands feeling sticky or tacky.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 28


Nov. 28

The best thing you can do to maintain the longevity of your haircolor is to make sure you shampoo it correctly and avoid using harsh shampoos.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 27


Nov. 27

Glam up your curls by mixing together a leave-in conditioner and silicone in your palm and applying from shaft to ends before curling.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 26


Nov. 26

Don’t be afraid of a little back-combing if you’re rocking straight hair. A rattail comb can be perfect for adding the right amount of volume to your mane.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 25


Nov. 25

A stunning updo is the perfect way to dress up for any event. It will also help your strands avoid the stress of cooler, drier temps.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 24


Nov. 24

Curly hair tends to be drier in winter and needs extra attention to prevent frizz and damage. Avoid completely rinsing out your conditioner or apply a very light coat after towel-drying.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 23


Nov. 23

Add depth and dimension to your hair in the cooler months by working with your base hue and applying lowlights. Chestnut and reds are great for brunettes. Golden and caramel tones are perfect for blondes.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 22


Nov. 22

Because of the drier, colder air, strands are at risk to flyaways from static. Try spraying an anti-static product into hats and hoods to help reduce static.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 21


Nov. 21

Accent your skin tone with not only your haircolor, but also coordinating your makeup shades for an overall effect.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 20


Nov. 20

If you wear glasses, be sure to bring them with you to the salon so that you can see what you look like with your new cut.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 19


Nov. 19

A tip for battling dry and brittle strands is to apply a conditioner to wet hair before you shampoo. That way, essential oils aren’t washed completely out of your coif.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 18


Nov. 18

When combing, use a wide-tooth comb a few times a day to prevent strands from tangling.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 17


Nov. 17

If you use a clarifying shampoo, be sure to use gentle strength in the wintertime and don’t use it as frequently. Strands need natural oils more in the colder months.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 16


Nov. 16

Keep straight hair smooth and shiny with a boar bristle and nylon paddle brush. Avoid pulling too hard to prevent strand breakage.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 15


Nov. 15

Try to do a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week, as well as allowing your hair to air-dry to keep your strands stress-free and healthy.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 14


Nov. 14

A professional stylist can show you the proper technique and temperature with your heat-styling tools to avoid causing daily damage to strands.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 13


Nov. 13

Get super sleek strands by using a round brush when blow-drying. The round brush will help you get more tension and make the hair straighter.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 12


Nov. 12

To fend off extra flyaways, spray hairspray on a makeup brush and lightly smooth it over the top layer of hair.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 11


Nov. 11

Rich reds are more for women with fair, freckled skin. Coppery-red hair coupled with green eyes works really well.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 10


Nov. 10

For a soft, bouncy look, set hair on big rollers, take them out when they’re cool and shake the hair. Finger-style for that natural beauty.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 9


Nov. 9

The key to getting an amazingly smooth style is using a blow-dryer and flat iron. Use these two tools and you can have sleek strands no matter what your natural hair texture is.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 8


Nov. 8

Finding the right blow-dryer can be key to speeding up your beauty routine. Ask your pro stylist for what works best for your strands.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 7


Nov. 7

Get amazing shine by sticking to a range of one to two shades lighter or darker than your natural color.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 6


Nov. 6

When looking to control those wayward bangs, try setting them in place with bobby pins at night to help train them.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 5


Nov. 5

You can skip shampooing your hair every day. Often, the natural oils in your hair can help your tresses look even better.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 4


Nov. 4

When heading to your salon, be specific about what you want. It’s one way to avoid having to find somebody to correct a bad cut.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 3


Nov. 3

To keep the vibrancy of your haircolor, be sure to keep strands conditioned. The drier the ends, the duller the color looks.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 2


Nov. 2

Part of getting a to-die-for look is keeping strands safe from heat-styling tools. Apply a split end protector to the ends to seal the hair for a healthy mane.

Hair Tip of the Day – Nov 1


Nov. 1

Shorter layers will help produce texture and movement, while strategically placed highlights create a more harmonious color combination.

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