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Pop star and actress Selena Gomez graces our April/May 2018 cover this issue! Grab a copy to get more info on Selena’s favorite makeup and hair tips.

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Get inspired by your favorite celebs mane transformations!

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Pastels are the hottest hues for this season!

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Check out what the stars are doing with their stunning hair!

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We’re giving away over $4,000 in free beauty products this issue! Check out our Big Beauty Giveaway in the April/May 2018 issue for a chance to win.

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Looking for the latest must have beauty products? We’ve got them right here!

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How to play with platinum just in time for spring.


Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 31


Jul. 31

Whether you’re headed to the salon for a tiny trim or a total tressformation, the key to any great cut is playing up your bone structure

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 30


Jul. 30

Round faces are youthful so create a streamlined look for added sophistication. Using a flat iron to straighten wide, thick sections will tame frizz and smooth hair without making it too flat.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 29


Jul. 29

If you have naturally wavy hair, apply some texture-boosting spray to damp strands. Doing so will tame frizz, define your natural texture and impart a light fragrance that is fresh and summery.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 28


Jul. 28

To keep your locks looking luscious, steer clear of chlorine and any products with sulfates or alcohol, as they dull your hair and dry it out.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 27


Jul. 27

Timing is crucial when it comes to at-home coloring. Start your timer as soon as you begin applying the formula. When in doubt, it’s always best to follow the step-by-step box instructions.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 26


Jul. 26

If you have an oval-shaped face, battle narrowness with tousled curls, abundant waves and heavy bangs.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 25


Jul. 25

When you’re touching up your roots, whether you’ve lightened or darkened your hair, you should apply color to the re-growth only (the part closest to your scalp) so you don’t over process your locks or end up with an uneven hue.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 24


Jul. 24

Blow-drying your curly strands straight with the help of a round brush will leave your locks glossy and smooth.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 23


Jul. 23

Before coloring your hair at home always perform a patch test prior to coloring your hair. This is done to avoid any potential allergic reaction.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 22


Jul. 22

Extension pieces are the fastest way to create great volume that will last for hours.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 21


Jul. 21

If you want to achieve a gorgeously glam look at home, opt for a down hairstyle like those you often see on Eva Longoria and Sarah Jessica Parker. Long waves and curls are easy to manage and style with a little help from a blow-dryer.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 20


Jul. 20

A blow-dryer is essential to creating a great base but the warm air also adds freshness and movement to hair that has already been set.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 19


Jul. 19

Avoid washing your hair for about 24 hours after coloring it. When it’s time to lather up, opt for a color-safe shampoo and conditioner that contains UV protection, and steer clear of clarifying or deep-cleansing formulas, which can strip dye pigments.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 18


Jul. 18

Any haircut can become a red-carpet style; you don’t need long locks to look camera ready. Simply slicking back a cropped coiffure can be very effective.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 17


Jul. 17

Turn your straight strands into wonderful waves by wrapping sections around hot rollers to create loose, cascading curls full of bounce.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 16


Jul. 16

A good style is all about balance and must look good from all angles.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 15


Jul. 15

If you are doing at-home highlights, keep them between 1/8- and 1/4-inch thick, and don’t overlook the hairline, since those pieces will brighten your face.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 14


Jul. 14

For an added dose of glamour, try applying a shiny gel or serum over a dried gel, which will leave your hair ultra glossy.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 13


Jul. 13

A small flat iron is essential because you can use it to straighten hair as well as to create wonderful movement in the form of soft curls and waves.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 12


Jul. 12

Whether your hair is up or down, curly or straight, don’t use too much hairspray because it will take away from your style’s freshness.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 11


Jul. 11

Try styling hair off the face or into a low side part for a chic look, which is extremely modern and elegant.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 10


Jul. 10

If you’re thinking about making a major color switch, try a wig on first to see if the potential color complements your skin tone.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 9


Jul. 9

If you have a heart-shaped face, try to avoid one-length cuts and hair hanging down from a center part. Both will make your face appear long and thin.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 8


Jul. 8

If your face is square shaped any cut that softens your angular jaw and forehead will work well. Soft, long layers around the face with a long, sideswept bang work fantastically.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 7


Jul. 7

If you don’t feel you are being listened to by your hairstylist, you’re not getting what you are asking for or you feel he/she has your look stuck in a rut, then it is time to move on.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 6


Jul. 6

Having the right haircut is crucial to achieving lively tresses. Any style that has layers will lend itself to bounce and body. Hair of the same length is the nemesis of volume.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 5


Jul. 5

A great cut is something that suits you hair type, personality and lifestyle, and it should be really easy to maintain.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 4


Jul. 4

When it comes to color trends, the ombré effect is popular—basically it is darker near the roots and lighter through the ends, so it really looks sun-kissed.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 3


Jul. 3

Permanent color is most versatile in the way it can perform. It’s the only product that will give you 100-percent gray/white coverage. And it’s the only one that will lift natural pigment and deposit color.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 2


Jul. 2

A typical tip for a stylist is anywhere from 12 percent to 20 percent. For shampoo techs, anywhere from $2 to $5 is standard.

Hair Tip of the Day – Jul 1


Jul. 1

For oily hair, use a product that will detox, purify and remove the oil. Too much oil will clog the cuticle and prevent your hair from absorbing hair products.

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