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Australian movie star Margot Robbie is our June/July 2018 cover star! Check out this issue to see her best blonde bob looks and her favorite haircare tips.

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See what celebs make our “The Best In” list for their standout manes.

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Make a mane statement this season with gorgeous metallic-hued hair!

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Get inspired by your favorite celebs red carpet mane moves!

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Sophisticate’s is giving away over $7,000 worth of this season’s latest and greatest beauty products and tools in the June/July 2018 issue. Check out our Big Beauty Giveaway to enter for a chance to win fabulous swag!

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The hottest must-have products for this season are right here. Get in the know and grab yours today!

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JCPenney Salons and The Salon At InStyle At JCPenney gives us the rundown on how to wear this season’s hottest haircolor.


Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 30


Aug. 30

Looking to pump up the volume? Lightly tease hair with a rattail comb. Tease it a the root for the most lift.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 29


Aug. 29

Using hot rollers to curl your hair? Allow the coils to cool before gently tousling with your fingers and misting a bit of light-hold hairspray.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 28


Aug. 28

Sometimes, flattery will get you everywhere! Don’t be afraid to ask women on the street for style suggestions. You may end up finding your ideal hairstylist!

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 27


Aug. 27

Have a vacation coming up? Pick up some dry shampoo or hair powder from the beauty supply store. Both products freshen up oily roots when you don’t have time to wash your hair.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 26


Aug. 26

Lash-skimming bangs are a great alternative if you don’t want to commit to a full-on fringe because you can sweep them to the side or pin them back.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 25


Aug. 25

Work with what you’ve got! Pin-straight strands may not hold curls well, so try wearing pincurls instead to achieve that vixen vibe.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 24


Aug. 24

Having trouble combing through your hair? Try applying a leave-in conditioner or detangling spray to your damp hair before gently combing through it.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 23


Aug. 23

Preserve your blow-out by placing your hair on top of your head in a loose bun before you go to sleep at night.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 22


Aug. 22

If you’re a natural blonde wanting to go darker, think about your color options. It’s easy to go darker, but much more difficult to lighten your locks from a very deep shade.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 21


Aug. 21

Adding a touch of elegance to a class ponytail is easy. Leave a small section loose, wrap it around the elastic band and secure with a bobby pin for a sophisticated finish.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 20


Aug. 20

Is your hair naturally curly? Apply a little leave-in conditioner to damp hair and allow locks to dry naturally. This will help the curls separate and give you a beachy look.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 19


Aug. 19

Getting regular trims helps to keep your hair healthy and combat split ends.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 18


Aug. 18

Don’t forget to check out the “Clip & Snip” feature in every issue of Sophisticate’s to find your new look!

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 17


Aug. 17

Bangs are a big commitment. If you’re not ready for the big snip, try wearing clip-in bangs to see how a fringe would look on you.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 16


Aug. 16

Need a quick style fix? Try changing up where you part your hair for an instant coif change.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 15


Aug. 15

Maintain the vibrancy of your new haircolor by adhering to a strict cleansing and conditioning schedule, whether it’s every few days or once a week.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 14


Aug. 14

If you feel your mane is looking a little lazy and lifeless, try applying a little volumizer to your roots before you begin blow-drying your hair.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 13


Aug. 13

Having the right haircut is crucial to achieving bounce and body. Ask your stylist for long layers you’ll be able to style with a round brush/blow-dryer combo.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 12


Aug. 12

Tired of keeping up with coloring your roots? Try the ombre haircolor trend, keeping your roots dark, your edges light and your color sessions less frequent.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 11


Aug. 11

Try new things! Wear a headband, try clip-in extensions or fashion a loose braid. Check out the latest issue of Sophisticate’s for style inspiration.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 10


Aug. 10

Good hair starts with a great shampoo and conditioner. Set up a consultation with your stylist to find the best products suited for your needs.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 9


Aug. 9

Divide your hair into sections, prior to blow-drying, to prevent yourself from going over the same sections repeatedly and dehydrating the hair.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 8


Aug. 8

It’s easy to translate a runway look into everyday-wear-hair. The key is in not exaggerating the shape and keeping it a bit more controlled.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 7


Aug. 7

To prevent flyaways, try applying a serum to your damp hair before blow-drying with a round brush and a diffuser.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 6


Aug. 6

Feel free to play with haircolor, but give your hair at good four to six weeks rest between color sessions in order to maintain a healthy mane.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 5


Aug. 5

Looking for a way to beat the heat? Try wearing a simple ponytail or classic updo for your night out on the town.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 4


Aug. 4

Invest in a quality styling tools. From a ceramic flat iron to an ionic blow-dryer, great tools help you achieve fabulous styles.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 3


Aug. 3

A pre-color treatment applied to the ends of hair can help even out the porosity. An after-color treatment closes the cuticle treatment down. Both will work to help you achieve flawless, even and long-lasting results.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 2


Aug. 2

Don’t forget to do a strand test prior to coloring your hair at home. Doing so will help you determine whether or not you like the end result. This will help you avoid an all-over color oops.

Hair Tip of the Day – Aug 1


Aug. 1

The key to achieving strong strands is keeping a consistent maintenance routine. Proper, ongoing (and professional) conditioning of your hair is essential. Healthy hair requires daily upkeep; it’s not an on-again-off-again process.

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