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Contents: What's Inside This Issue

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Highest-paid model Kendall Jenner is no stranger to the beauty world! Check out our cover girl’s best looks, hottest hairstyles and her makeup musts.

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See top-celebrities coifs in our Celebrity Glamour Hair Guide!

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Get inspired to go bold with some serious color inspiration!

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The stars have definitely turned up the style notch!

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This might be our most epic beauty giveaway yet! Check out our big beauty giveaway, on stands now in the February 2019 issue.

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Wondering which products to test out? We’ve got what you need to start your new beauty routine off right!

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This holiday season, the right hair accessory can mean the difference between a look that’s naughty or nice—pick which one you want to be in our latest issue!


Mark Your Calendars!

While we may be seeing Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi hopping around town with a more sedate look and a maternal glow, fear not—-the Guidette still has some of her original flair (check out those hot pink cheetah boots!). She’s joining Jenni “JWOWW” Farley in their very own MTV series, Snooki & JWOWW. Mark your calendars now! The show will premiere on June 21—and yes, that’s a Thursday, so Jerzdays will continue!

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 30


Apr. 30

Keep your hot roller-styled curls in place by starting with second-day hair. Hair that’s newly washed doesn’t hold curl as well.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 29


Apr. 29

A color-safe shampoo will prolong vibrant color. Avoid shampooing every day to prolong your new hue as well.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 28


Apr. 28

Make curly hair go straight with a silicone serum. Lightly apply a dime-sized amount after you blow-dry and flat-iron hair straight.

X Marks The Spot

The rumors keep getting bigger and bigger, and we keep getting more and more excited! Britney Spears appears to be the front-runner in the race for being the new judge on X Factor USA, alongside Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid (Nicole Scherzinger is out of the picture). We would love to see Britney on a weekly basis and think she would make a great judge. Hit us baby, one more time! We’ll keep you posted if we hear anything…

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 27


Apr. 27

Need to backcomb in a small area? Use a toothbrush.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 26


Apr. 26

Boost highlights with a mix of orange and lemon juice for a natural-looking golden blonde result. Spritz hair with the mixture before going out in the sun.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 25


Apr. 25

Don’t leave wet hair wrapped in a towel—it can cause frizz! Instead, squeeze out excess water as soon as you’re out of the shower, then let air dry before blow-drying.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 24


Apr. 24

Apply styling products 10 minutes before styling to allow it to fully absorb into your tresses, making styling that much easier.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 23


Apr. 23

Use an at-home color glaze to freshen up your hue in-between salons. Snag an at-home glaze kit at your local drugstore.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 22


Apr. 22

If your hair is prone to buildup, mix one tablespoon baking soda with your regular shampoo once a week. Rinse and dry as usual.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 21


Apr. 21

Apply lip liner after you apply lipstick to avoid unsightly lip liner lines. The look will blend beautifully.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 20


Apr. 20

After shampooing, rinse hair with cool water to seal moisture in hair shafts.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 19


Apr. 19

Wait 48 hours after coloring hair to shampoo it. Every time you wet hair you open the cuticle, so give hair time to properly absorb the color.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 18


Apr. 18

Don’t be afraid to try hair accessories—jeweled headbands are an easy way to vamp up any ensemble.

Forget the dress—what about your hair?!

Got a special occasion coming up? A wedding, perhaps? If you’re a bride, your hair needs to be your crowning glory–a beautiful silhouette that everyone will ooh and ahh over and will look great in photos years from now. If you’re a bridesmaid–well, let’s just say you probably want the attention on your hair, rather than on that bridesmaid dress the brides swears you can wear again…

Enter Marek Hartwig, owner of Marek Bridal and an Artistic Director at Frank Gironda Salon & Day Spa in Wheaton, IL. According to Hartwig, this season’s wedding palette consists of texture, texture, texture. Here are three basic looks that will be trendy…

MODERN CLASSIC The days of the severe, slicked bun are gone. Soft, moldable textures are here to stay. A classic look does not have to be a boring look. Hair should be constructed well, but be air and have movement.






VINTAGE INSPIRED Finger-waves are a fitting homage to the Golden Era of Hollywood, a polished style and very romantic. Let the waves transcend into a more relaxed texture, keeping it fresh. Use a sparkly headband to balance the look and portray a true vintage vibe.

HIGH FASHION It’s all about shape! A strong geometric silhouette is softened with  texture; micro-crimping is a great way to achieve this.
While high-fashion, this style still exudes elegance.






Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 17


Apr. 17

A diffuser attachment is great for short hairstyles. Spray finishing products on the side and use the diffuser to seal in the hairstyle and make sure it stays in place.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 16


Apr. 16

Frizz can strike anytime. Achieve a long-lasting look free of frizz by getting a Keratin smoothing treatment.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 15


Apr. 15

Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to nourish strands and help keep flyaways and frizz at bay.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 14


Apr. 14

Cut down on your drying time by scrunching wet locks with a towel before blow-drying, so the dryer doesn’t have to work as hard—or long!

Hold On! It’s Wilson Phillips!

Female trio Wilson Phillips helped defined ‘90s pop music with their hits “Hold On” and “Release Me.” Twenty years later, Chynna Phillips and Carnie and Wendy Wilson still prove to be a beloved music group with the release of their cover album Dedicated, and a new show on the TV Guide Network titled WilsonPhillips: Still Holding On. Here they share their beauty secrets with Sophisticate’s

CHYNNA PHILLIPS Chynna is confident her biggest contribution to Wilson Phillips is her songwriting ability, but when it comes to short vs. long hair, she’s torn. She loved her short crop during the group’s ‘90s success, but says she also loves her current long, loose curls because she feels more feminine and sensual. “I am convinced long hair is the best look for me, but I still daydream about chopping it all off again,” she says. Her makeup must-haves include Maybelline Lash Discovery (“best mascara ever!”), which she admits to never leaving the house without.



CARNIE WILSON Carnie’s known for her enthusiasm and passion—she admits her heart swells every time the group sings “Release Me”—and something else that excites her is trying out new hairstyles. “I love changing my hair!” she says. Though she’s not always made the best choices (“The spiky red hair look I had in high school was horrific!”), Carnie has now honed in on her personal pretty style. “I’ve been wearing hair extensions for eight years because I like my hair long and thick,” she says. To perfect her long waves, Carnie uses the “miracle” InStyler from QVC. And her makeup essential? L’Oréal Voluminous mascara in Carbon Black.


WENDY WILSON Wendy says her favorite memory with Chynna and Carnie is playing house, but her favorite hair color is and probably will always be red. “It suits me because there’s a side of my personality that can be fiery at times,” she says. “Red makes me feel warm, sensual and vibrant.” To make her strands silky, Wendy uses Aveda Damage Remedy. When it comes to makeup, she definitely has her faves. “I feel giddy every time I buy a new M.A.C. lipstick,” she says. “L’Oréal Bare Naturale Mascara brings my eyes to life; L’Oréal True Match Foundation evens out my skin tone.”



Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 13


Apr. 13

Choose a flat iron with ceramic tourmaline plates—they’re the best at eliminating static electricity and helping improve the styling process.

Miranda’s Red-Carpet Mane

Not only did Miranda Lambert take home two prestigious awards at the 47th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards—“Album of the Year” and “Top Female Vocalist”—she looked fabulous while doing it!

Her tress look featured soft, curled waves falling forward on one side and reversed on the other to accent her gorgeous shoulder-baring gown. The look was created by celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak using Moroccanoil products. “My inspiration was the classic glamour of old Hollywood, including Marilyn Monroe,” says Roszak. “We all knew it would look perfect with the amazing gown Miranda wore.”

Here’s the step-by-step of how Roszak created Miranda’s mane style…

STEP ONE: I started by applying a small amount of Moroccanoil Treatment Light to Miranda’s damp hair to strengthen her strands and create a silky finish. I then blow-dried her hair smooth using a Moroccanoil Round Brush.

STEP TWO: After I created a deep side part, I used a 1¼” curling iron, wrapping her hair around the barrel toward her face on both sides.

STEP THREE: After gently brushing and shaping the waves, I lightly sprayed hairspray throughout.  I wanted the hair to look sleek and shiny the entire evening, and I love the fact that Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray doesn’t leave the hair stiff and I can manipulate and easily restyle it afterward.

STEP FOUR: In order to keep the “s” shaped wave, I tucked one side of her hair behind the ear and pinned it in place. I finished the look with an all-over mist of Moroccanoil Frizz Control to prevent flyaways, and to keep Miranda’s hair looking perfect throughout the evening.

We love it. How about you? Sound off below!


Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 12


Apr. 12

Make waves and curls last by letting hair dry in that shape, using rollers, from wet to completely dry. Finish with a light mist of hairspray.

Don’t Trust The B…

…but believe in the mane truths of actresses Krysten Ritter and Dreama Walker, the stars of ABC’s Don’t Trust The B—- In Apt 23!

Krysten Ritter reveals the secret to keeping her hair looking oh-so gorgeous! “With all the blow-outs and curling irons my hair endures on set, when I’m not working, I put Mother’s Special Blend oil in my hair to keep it nourished, hydrated and super shiny!”

Dreama Walker believes in taking care of her appearance from the inside out! “Liquid Juice Bar in Los Angeles has an amazing Acai bowl filled with acai berries, strawberries, almond butter, almond milk, granola, and bananas. It’s so divine, delicious, and really good for you.”

Catch Krysten and Dreams on the series premiere of Don’t Trust The B—- In Apt 23, which airs tonight.

P.S. James Van Der Beek is in it, too—playing himself!


Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 11


Apr. 11

Sectioning the hair is always key to a great blow-out. Part your hair in four sections and blow-dry it, section by section, from the base to the ends.

Blonde vs. Brunette

Some celebrities can switch mane hues with the snap of a finger and look fabulous in whatever shade that snap  (or, rather, their very talented colorist!) creates. Who’s on our radar for doing a serious color makeover? Olivia Wilde. The actress was a brunette on House, a deep raven in Tron and a chestnut brown in Cowboys & Aliens. For her new film role, Olivia took to the brighter side and went blonde. Blonde! Some of you may be shocked, but fans of the dearly departed The O.C. will remember the star wore her hair in a buttery gold as Alex when hanging with Marissa, Summer and the crew. We’ve got the brunette version and the blonde version right here. Which shade is your favorite? Sound off below!










Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 10


Apr. 10

Hair extensions can be used to achieve every current trend on any hair, no matter the length, thickness or color.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 9


Apr. 9

To find out which bronzer is right for you, hold up a couple of different shades of bronzer next to your chest to see which one complements and draws colors up into the face.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 8


Apr. 8

Boar bristle brushes help create a smooth, voluminous look. Ceramic brushes also create a smooth look, but we added bounce.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 7


Apr. 7

Boar bristle brushes help create a smooth, voluminous look. Ceramic brushes also create a smooth look, but we added bounce.

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 6


Apr. 6

If you’re a fan of blow-outs, always use heat-protection products. They will shield your hair from damage while still allowing you to create a uniquely beautiful look.

Christina Looks Gorgeous!

If you caught Christina on The Voice earlier this week, then you probably remember that fabulous yellow dress and her gorgeous tress silhouette. Although the singer is known for her high-volume looks, this profile, created by stylist Mark Townsend, was a bit less volume-esque, and a whole lot of pure glamour. Here’s the scoop from Mark on how he created Christina’s mane look…

“I loved the color and silhouette of Christina’s Roland Mouret dress so much, it was such a great fashion moment with a touch of sexiness so I wanted her hair to have the same feeling. I started by spraying Sally Hershberger Super Keratin Spray into Christina’s damp hair to soften and condition her hair before blowdrying with a large round brush. To give her hair body and movement, I took 4 inch sections of hair and sprayed Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray on each section and then used a large 2 inch curling iron to give ER hair a very soft wave. I finished by taking a  small amount of Malin+Goetz Hair Pomade in my hands and rubbed my hands together to warm up the product and then “raked” my fingers through her hair for separation and piecey-ness.”

We love it, we love it, we love it! Do you? Sound off below!

Hair Tip of the Day – Apr 5


Apr. 5

Make your lengths curly by applying volumizing mousse to wet strands. Separate hair into small sections and set them on non-electric rollers. Allow your hair to dry in a wavy shape, and then gently remove the rollers.

Goodbye One Tree Hill!



Saying goodbye is never easy, but today we bid a fond farewell to the gorgeous cast of The CW’s One Tree Hill.

For nine years and seasons, the beautiful ladies have inspired many style switches and color changes. From Brooke’s brunette hue to Haley’s ever-changing blonde, Sophia Bush (who plays Brooke) and Bethany Joy Galeotti (who plays Haley) have never missed a style beat, even in the final episode of the series!

While we’re sad the Tree Hill crew won’t be around next season, we can’t wait to see what’s next for the show’s sexy stars! And don’t forget, if you want to see more of Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Galeotti in Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide cast your vote for the best-styled stars of 2012 by filling out the ballot in our current issue.

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