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Highest-paid model Kendall Jenner is no stranger to the beauty world! Check out our cover girl’s best looks, hottest hairstyles and her makeup musts.

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See top-celebrities coifs in our Celebrity Glamour Hair Guide!

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Get inspired to go bold with some serious color inspiration!

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The stars have definitely turned up the style notch!

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This might be our most epic beauty giveaway yet! Check out our big beauty giveaway, on stands now in the February 2019 issue.

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Wondering which products to test out? We’ve got what you need to start your new beauty routine off right!

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This holiday season, the right hair accessory can mean the difference between a look that’s naughty or nice—pick which one you want to be in our latest issue!


Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 31


Oct 31

It’s a boo-tiful day! Get in the Halloween spirit with spray-in glitter haircolor. Love orange? This is the day to rock it!

Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 30


Oct 30

Wanna feel like a sex kitten? Blow-dry your locks, placing hair into sections. Wrap each section in a 2-inch Velcro hair roller, allowing to set for 30 minutes. After unwrapping tresses, lightly comb out curls and spray for hold.

Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 29


Oct 29

Got dry skin? Use a night cream moisturizer before going to bed to keep fall’s drier weather from impacting your skin.

Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 28


Oct 28

Choose a cut that emphasizes your face shape. For example, women with diamond-shaped faces can rock soft, long layers and a sideswept bang.

Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 27


Oct 27

Tired of wearing your hair down (and up)? The easiest updo is the kind that’s only half up!

Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 26


Oct 26

Embrace second-day hair! It’s super sexy because your natural oils are restored and just the right amount of natural wave has returned.

Straight Chic

What’s going to be hot in hair for spring and summer next year? One way to get a hint is by looking at the runway shows that took place this fall…

The hair look at the DKNY fashion runway show was youthful and natural looking, but with a definite sense of direction. “The DKNY S/S ’13 collection was based on the ultimate DKNY girl’s lifestyle, with every aspect of her day catered for, from swimwear to outer-wear, so it stands to reason that the hair reflects this direction,” shares Eugene Souleiman, Global Creative Director, Care & Styling, Wella Professionals. 

“I wanted to create a hairstyle that gave a sense of unity to the look and give a relaxed, lifestyle feeling. I felt it important to give a sense of life and movement to the hair and play on how the light reflects on textures,so I created a subtle multi textured effect
on the hair.”

These subtle different textures were brought to life with a smooth clean fresh finish to the front of the hair which was swept  low from a side parting and was tucked behind the ear, to a more textured ‘Californian sunned’ look to the back and lower part of the hair. The overall result was of a young, relaxed feeling which was not forced or contrived yet was definitely done with deliberate intention.


Get the Look:
♦ Start with clean freshly washed and conditioned hair, using Wella Professionals Enrich Shampoo and Conditioner, to ensure hair is in perfect condition.

♦ Roughly dry the hair using your hands.  Then create a low side parting and section off the hair from the parting to the crown.

♦ Section off hair and blow dry each section perfectly straight using a round brush to create a smooth sleek finish.  Apply tension with the brush at the roots and loosen the tension as you dry to the ends of the hair.

♦ Once this section is dry and smooth, sweep the hair down low over the forehead and secure behind the ear with a hair grip.

♦ Pull some of the hair forward over the ear to give a less polished feel to the look.

♦ Pull the hair on both sides towards the back of the head and twist in to a rope – spray with Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Spray, then  while holding the hair in a tight twisted rope apply heat with a diffuser till the hair is bone dry.

♦ For extra effect, pin the rope up until you are ready to reveal the hair. Once the rope of hair is released, the hair will have a natural tousled effect to it.

♦ Finally, for added texture, once the hair is loose push the hair upwards against the natural grain around the crown of the head to give a textured fly away feel to the hair.

Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 25


Oct 25

Thinking of a mane hue changeup? Try face-framing highlights in the shade of your choice for a trendy test run!

Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 24


Oct 24

To loosen natural curls, take a wide-toothed comb and rake some mousse through your dry hair.

Sleek Like Jenna

Jenna Ushkowitz recently hit the red carpet to celebrate the new season of Glee, and she looked fantastic with her long tresses sleekly styled to show off her duo-toned length. How did she achieve such a great lock look you ask? Celebrity stylist Helen Jeffers reveals how she styled the star’s tresses…

“I sectioned Jenna’s damp hair and applied a generous amount of White Sands Liquid Texture Firm Hold Thermal Styling Spray to each section. I use Liquid Texture when I am straightening or curling as it adds control and shine. It also helps the hair strands to lay smooth without weighing down the hair.”

“I blow-dried each section straight with a large round brush. I then used a very hot thermal straightening iron on each section to create a mirror-like sleek finish perfect for the red carpet.”

“I finished the look and locked in the shine by running a small amount of White Sands Orchids Oil through the hair to complete Jenna’s style.”


Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 23


Oct 23

If you suffer from oily skin, skip liquid foundation and try powdered makeup instead—it’ll help absorb extra oil.

Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 22


Oct 22

Change up your hairstyle with minimal effort by switching up your part. Try parting on a different side for a subtle change or rock a deep part for a dramatic look!

Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 21


Oct 21

Crafting curls or styling smooth? Apply your hair products 10 minutes before you begin to style. This will allow your stylers to fully absorb.

Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 20


Oct 20

Before diffusing your strands, mix a little leave-in conditioner and gel in your palm, emulsifying the combination before applying to your damp hair.

Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 19


Oct 19

Opt for shampoos that lather less—shampoos that lather too much are often overloaded with moisturizing products, which can leave build-up in your hair, making it look and feel dirtier quicker. Try a sulfate-free formula instead.

Red-dy For Fall?

What better way to get ready for fall than to try a new mane shade? And what hotter hair hue is there than red?


Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Isla Fisher, Debra Messing, Florence Welch, Alyson Hannigan, Christina Hendricks, Amy Adams, Jessica Chastain and Susan Sarandon are all in the red family, ranging in shades from strawberry to deep red. “It’s such a versatile color palette and there’s a lot you can do,” says redhead specialist and balayage guru Jasen James of Maxine salon in Chicago, IL.


If you’re thinking of taking the plunge, James offers his expert advice. “I always suggest starting subtle, which is why various highlighting and balayage techniques work so well. It’s all about sprinkling the warmth and letting it sparkle.”


Talk to your salon pro about the right red for you—and get red-dy to turn heads!

Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 18


Oct 18

Wrapping wet strands in a towel after showering causes frizz. Instead, squeeze out excess water as soon as you’re out of the shower and then let your hair air-dry for 10 minutes before blow-drying.

Are You In The Pink?

Ted Gibson salon has partnered with Hairdreams hair extensions to offer clients “Pastel Pink” hair strands in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. For the entire month of October, the salons will offer pink strands for only $25, with 100% of proceeds benefiting the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

“Breast Cancer Awareness month is a time to increase awareness of the most common cancer among women and the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths among women in the United States,” says salon owner Ted Gibson, who has worked with celebrities including Ashley Greene, Gabrielle Union, Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway and Zoe Saldana. “We are excited to partner with Hairdreams hair extensions to offer pink hair strands to show our support for this worthy cause.”

Ted Gibson salon will be offering the pink in both their New York and Fort Lauderdale salon locations until October 31st.

Go pink!

Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 17


Oct 17

Applying half a dropper of organic hair oil to very damp hair keeps ringlets looking healthy, especially during drier weather.

Your Perfect Brow

If eyes are truly the windows to your soul, then your eyebrows just became a whole lot more important. If you’re stymied by what shape you should be wearing (Arched, like Sophia Loren? Pointy, like Coco Chanel?), brow expert Hibba Kapil of Hibba Beauty Studio in New York City, offers her expert advice. “Brows should be groomed to create a natural shape that best enhances your features, letting your beauty shine,” she shares. Here’s the breakdown, specifically for you

If you have a round face: Your brows should have more of an angular than round arch. A more angled brow will help to better frame the face, and give the illusion of less fullness, by counteracting the roundess of your face. Having a thinner brow will not make your face look thinner. A medium to full thickness in the brow will create more balance with your face.

If you have a heart shaped face: A brow shape that is more rounded will help soften an angular, heart shaped face. A very slight bend in the brows also draws the eye upward, which counteracts the downward pull of the more pointed shape of your chin.

If you have a square face: Like the heart shape, you want your brows to have a delicate arch, to help add softness to the face. The ideal shape will be straight to the arch and rounded on the outer half.

If you have an oval face: Your brow options are basically limitless if you have an oval shaped face. Hibba would suggest a medium to full thickness, and a more prominent arch.

When in doubt, visit your beauty pro for a professional wax or tweeze—that’s what they’re there for!

Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 16


Oct 16

Take curly hair from day to night by spritzing with a refreshing, enzyme-rich spray to rejuvenate your hair’s bounce.

Fall Makeup Trends

Clarins Beauty Expert Christopher Truffa poses with a favorite read.

Welcome the fall with simply gorgeous makeup trends courtesy of Clarins Beauty Expert Christopher Truffa. At a recent beauty event in Chicago, Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide got the scoop from Truffa about what makeup trends are just so in this season.

“It’s really all about a fresh, clean face and a dramatic eye,” Truffa explains, adding, “The fall lip is ether bold and red or all nude in dusty colors.”

A smoky eye and flicked eyeliner is always in style, Truffa notes, recommending Clarins 3 Dot Liquid Liner to create a trendy cateye. “This liner is flying off the shelves. It’s a way to have hot makeup for the not-so-makeup-savvy person,” he says. “Just apply your eyeliner at the end of the day with a little flick of the wrist at the end, flicking up. It’s an easy dramatic eye with just a little kick to bring it up to evening.”

Beauty expert Christopher Truffa demonstrates how to create a cat-eye with 3 Dot Liquid Liner.

Truffa also recommends the brand’s Beauty Flash Balm, using it before makeup application as a primer. “It’s a fatigue fighter that will tighten and brighten your look,” he explains. “It creates a nice glow from within. To apply, squeeze a pea-sized drop of the Beauty Flash Balm in your hands, then rub your hands together to emulsify. This is better for absorption.”

And to get that perfect lip, Truffa said it’s not so much about the hue as the application. “It’s better to apply several light coats of lipstick using a lip brush rather than applying straight from the tube,” he maintains. “It’s a more consistent look and it lasts longer so you don’t have to keep re-applying.”

Now, we’re totally ready to look beautiful!


Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 15


Oct 15

No need to later, rinse and repeat—just one washing will do the trick. Cleansing hair too often can strip it of essential oils.

Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 14


Oct 14

Skipping trims because you’re growing out your hair? You can still avoid split ends by getting tiny trims every four weeks, followed by deep-conditioning treatments.

Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 13


Oct 13

When choosing your newest mane hue, first take your skin tone into account. If you have a cooler skin tone, avoid warmer hues. If your skin is a warm tone, avoid cool hues.

Mane Change Magic

Brightening and bodifying your mane can bring about a beautiful result—need proof? Just check out this gorgeous hairstyle, revamped by stylist Monica Kerr and colorist Gina Nelson of L. Salon & Color Group in San Mateo, CA.

A due hue is illuminated with platinum and auburn mane shades while lengths are teased for volume, then smoothed and pulled to one side to fashion a stunning side pony. Use a curling iron to craft sultry spirals, then pin the ponytail to hold it in place. Finally, finish with a spritz of shine spray, and get ready to rock!

Hair: Monica Kerr; colorist: Gina Nelson/both for L Salon & Color Group, San Mateo, CA. Photo: Global Hair & Fashion Group.

Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 12


Oct 12

Got a case of oily hair? If dry shampoo isn’t on-hand, just wash the top portion of your hair that’s oily. Wash and dry just the top half for fresh-looking hair.

Karmin Rocks Out

YouTube-sensation-turned-chart-topper Karmin delivered a jaw-dropping performance on Dancing With The Stars yesterday evening, reminding us yet again of why we love the dynamic duo’s danceable beats and enviable style.

Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide recently sat down with lead singer Amy Heidemann, who gave us the 411 on her gorgeous beauty moves.

“My signature hairstyle—the one I rock the most—is the roll, which is a 1940s style,” Amy reveals. “People tweet me photos of their experiments with the style, and it’s really turned into something larger than I ever thought it would be. I’m just very inspired by everything vintage.”

Currently Karmin is hard at work on their full-length album, set for release in early 2013.

Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 11


Oct 11

Need a pick-me-up? Visit your favorite beauty store and ask for a makeover. Most places offer the service for free, and you leave feeling fabulous!

Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 10


Oct 10

Hair is most fragile when wet, so avoid brushing or combing your hair until it’s completely dry. Instead, apply a detangler to damp hair and brush out strands with a wide-tooth comb.

Jersey Shore Style!

The stars of Jersey Shore are known for their fiery personalities, attention-getting wardrobes and that gorgeous hair, of course! We’ll be sad to see them go, but we take comfort in the fact that their beauty secrets won’t be gone with them. Here, Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide presents the cast’s night-out styling secrets via our exclusive photo shoot and interviews!

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi
“I wash my hair, blow it out and
tease it, whether it’s in a pouf or
in a really big tease. I definitely
like to tease my hair!”



Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola
“It takes me two hours to get ready when I’m going out! When I get out of the shower, I flip my head over and blow-dry my hair so that when I flip it back up my hair is big and poofy and in the shape of a bell. Then I straighten it and tease to add volume.”


Deena Nicole Cortese
“When I get ready to go out I usually wash my hair, put some product in it and blow-dry it. Then I separate my hair into sections, straighten it, tease it and I’m ready to go!”


Jenni “JWoww” Farley
“I make sure my hair is washed and I put it a thickening cc ream and leave-in conditioner before blowing it out. Then I do a loose curl, set my hair with pins and do my makeup while the curls set.”


Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 9


Oct 9

Want extra shine? Concoct an at-home shine treatment by mixing olive oil with a tablespoon of honey. Mix it up and work it through your hair. Leave in for at least half an hour or overnight. Result: gleaming and soft hair!

Going Nude

Music superstar Rihanna tweeted a pic showing off her look for her upcoming fragrance, Nude.

Rihanna wrote alongside the photo: “Here is my new add (sic) for a brand new fragrance #NUDE !!! Make sure you smell sexy, especially naked, this fall!!!”

In the photo (shot back in May), Rihanna seduces with platinum sex-kitten waves and soft pink lingerie. Nude is the third fragrance from Rihanna (Reb’l Fleur and Rebelle were her two previous releases) and is supposed to reflect the superstar’s ever-evolving style. The fragrance is a fruity oriental anchored by a warm base…the ideal thing to wear when you’re not wearing anything at all!

Are you ready to go Nude?

Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 8


Oct 8

Dry shampoo isn’t just for soaking up excess oil—it’s also an excellent root lifter! Apply a dab of dry shampoo to your roots immediately after shampooing, then dry them. Voila volume!

Hair Tip of the Day – Oct 7


Oct 7

Feeling blah on a weekday morning? Add pizzazz to your hair with fabulous accessories. Try a headband for instant sophistication.

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