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Pop star and actress Selena Gomez graces our April/May 2018 cover this issue! Grab a copy to get more info on Selena’s favorite makeup and hair tips.

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Get inspired by your favorite celebs mane transformations!

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Pastels are the hottest hues for this season!

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Check out what the stars are doing with their stunning hair!

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We’re giving away over $4,000 in free beauty products this issue! Check out our Big Beauty Giveaway in the April/May 2018 issue for a chance to win.

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Looking for the latest must have beauty products? We’ve got them right here!

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How to play with platinum just in time for spring.


Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 31


Dec 31

Ring in the New Year by being the center of attention with a dazzling hair accessory. A subtle, gorgeous hairpiece will guarantee all eyes are on you are midnight!

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 30


Dec 30

Changing up where you part your hair is a quick and dramatic way to alter your look for the day!

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 29


Dec 29

Are you considering coloring your hair for the New Year? Be sure to perform a patch test first to avoid a potential allergic reaction.

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 28


Dec 28

If your hair is oily consider cutting down on your fried food intake and drink plenty of water.

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 27


Dec 27

When combing through hair after a shower, be careful not to pull at the hair—hair is most weak when wet. Try using a detangler and wide-toothed comb.

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 26


Dec 26

To avoid greasy hair try not to wash hair daily, as it can over stimulate the glands that produce the grease.

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 25


Dec 25

Today is a day to be with loved ones—try pinning your grandmother’s heirloom brooch in your hair to spice up the occasion. Merry Christmas!

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 24


Dec 24

While out with family this Christmas Eve, dress to impress with a sophisticated bun. The key to a great bun is a solid ponytail base that has grit to it—try using volumizing gel to get that texture, then pin and pose!

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 23


Dec 23

If you’re already planning out your Christmas attire, consider matching the outfit with a fun and festive headband or headpiece. ‘Tis the Season!

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 22


Dec 22

If you want to add body and volume to your silhouette, try layering your cut to create that volume-building texture.

Gin Wigmore

Gin Wigmore

Sensational Singer
Gin Wigmore

If being a black sheep is bad, we don’t want to be good! Why? Because Gin Wigmore makes bad look oh-so-sexy! The stunning singer from New Zealand is hitting it big all around the world with her single Black Sheep off her Gravel & Wine album. The hit song has been featured on Grey’s Anatomy, Teen Wolf and ABC’s segment Gift of Revenge. Now the talented singer is bringing her act on the road as she tours around the world for the next six months. Before she jets off into the sunset, Sophisticate’s got a chance to sit down with the gorgeous singer and get all the details on her hair and makeup routine, who she would love to collaborate with and so much more…

Read the rest of this entry »

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 21


Dec 21

When blow-drying your hair, try working in small sections and using a low to medium heat to protect tresses against heat damage.

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 20


Dec 20

To keep skin healthy, remember to moisturize before applying makeup.

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 19


Dec 19

With all these winter sweaters and heavy coats, static is everywhere and causing those dreaded flyaways! Adding the tiniest bit of pomade can control those unruly tresses.

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 18


Dec 18

If your thinking of coloring you mane for the holidays, make sure to go lighter—warmer colors are better in the winter because the sun is further away and casts less of a yellow light.

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 17


Dec 17

It’s easier to get shine in the winter—try a good shine serum or finishing pomade to give your locks that extra polish.

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 16


Dec 16

With all the heat styling we put our tresses through, it’s time we give back! Try a damage remedy lotion to restore your mane back to its healthy, hearty state.

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 15


Dec 15

If you’re thinking of going white-hot for the holidays, make sure to take into account the texture of your hair and your skin tone. Typically, softer textures and lighter skin tones work better with platinum blonde hues.

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 14


Dec 14

To achieve a sleek straight style, make sure you point the blow-dryer downward—directing the airflow down the shafts of the hair.

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 13


Dec 13

To get a wind-blown look this season style tresses with a curling iron and then blowing-out your hair.

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 12


Dec 12

If you have straight hair and want a more textured look, try scrunching hair with curling gel while it’s still damp for a fun, festive curly style.

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 11


Dec 11

To create sweet, subtle flips at the ends of sleeker strands, finish off each lock by using a flat iron for a touch of texture.

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 10


Dec 10

To get the most moisture in your hair, rinse your tresses with cool water after shampooing. You’ll definitely notice a different!

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 9


Dec 9

Welcome the holiday season with on-point lipcolor by applying lip liner after you apply lipstick to avoid unsightly lip liner lines. The look will blend beautifully.

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 8


Dec 8

Avoid checking your smart phone during a haircut—craning your neck to send texts or play games makes it harder for your stylist to keep your cut level.

Blow-Out Babes

Celebrate all that is fabulous about the blow-out (sleek, luxurious tresses, anyone?) by tuning into Katie today for a feature on hair guru Alli Web and her successful business, The Drybar.

On the show, Katie Couric will introduce the people who had a passing thought, acted on it and turned it into a successful business, including Alli, who started giving blow-outs from her home as a side business and expanded that into a national chain of blow-out only salons.

Alli will also share tips on how to get the perfect blow-out…will you be tuning in?

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 7


Dec 7

When conditioning your hair, apply the moisturizing product starting at about an inch away from your scalp—the roots of your hair contain the most oils and usually don’t need extra conditioning.

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 6


Dec 6

Your skin needs protection…even in the winter! Protect your complexion from harmful UV rays by investing in a foundation or moisturizer with SPF.

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 5


Dec 5

Heading off to a holiday party? Secure your favorite brooch to your coiffure to dress up a chic chignon.

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 4


Dec 4

Graduate your ombre locks to dip-dye for a more fashion-forward silhouette.

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 3


Dec 3

Not sure you’ll like your silhouette with bangs, but you’d like to try them anyway? Try clip-in fringe for a temporary style fix.

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 2


Dec 2

When blow-drying, always point the nozzle downward. It helps smooth the cuticle, so hair looks sleek and shiny.

Hair Tip of the Day – Dec 1


Dec 1

Want to give thin hair more body? Try a volume thickening mousse to amp up your mane’s big hair profile.

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