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Pop star and actress Selena Gomez graces our April/May 2018 cover this issue! Grab a copy to get more info on Selena’s favorite makeup and hair tips.

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Get inspired by your favorite celebs mane transformations!

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Pastels are the hottest hues for this season!

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Check out what the stars are doing with their stunning hair!

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We’re giving away over $4,000 in free beauty products this issue! Check out our Big Beauty Giveaway in the April/May 2018 issue for a chance to win.

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Looking for the latest must have beauty products? We’ve got them right here!

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How to play with platinum just in time for spring.


One Great Look: Braids & Buns

Hair by Suvi
@myhairstyle_xo, Finland

Check out this feminine and fun style. Hair is split down the middle and styled into “upside down” buns. A five-strand braid is created, starting at the nape and finished by being tucked into a loose bun. A few floral pieces are added for extra glam.


wed 2

wednesday 2


Breaking in a new flat iron? Always set it to the lowest temperature first. Then, work your way up to the temperature you need.


tues 2

tuesday 2


Make sure to choose the right hair products for your hair type and style—they’re the key to top-notch coif care.

Try It On!

Salma Hayek tried on a blonde wig for a night out, and looked fabulous. The brunette beauty, known for her dark, luscious locks, opted for a center-parted bob with sleek appeal. If you’re thinking of trying out a completely different mane look, why not go for a faux try-out with a wig or clip-in pieces?


mon 2

monday 2


Make sure to ask your colorist this important question: “How will I have to change my styling and hair care habits with a new hair color?”

4 Creative Hairstyles!

Birds are the inspiration for this Aveda collection that showcases some of the most amazing new looks. Created in conjunction with the National Audubon Society and Bird Life International on the #PlantsforBirds campaign to  encourage people to plant native plants to help protect bird habitats. Which is your favorite? We love them all!!

Color, texture and movement….we salute Aveda Global Creative Director Antoinette Beenders on this amazing collection.


sun 2

sunday 2


For extra volume and movement in your everyday style, try using less product. Less really is more!

Your Best New Hairstyles!

Have you? Did you? Pick up our new issue yet? If you have—thank you! If not, you’re missing out on our best edition ever featuring hundreds of gorgeous new hairstyles, haircolor looks and haircuts that are perfect for the season ahead. What else? Plenty of the most fab looks for today’s trendsetting stars, product news and giveaways! So check us out on a newsstand near you..and drop us a line!


sat 1

saturday 1


For an easy alternative to a curling iron, try clip-less curling wand—it’s conical shape creates natural looking spirals.

Thrice As Nice

What’s better than fabulous highlights? Three shades of highlights! Stylist Tenesha Anderson, from JCPenney Salon in Kelso, WA, created this gorgeous dimensional color on long locks. It’s pretty, and pretty cool!



fri 1

friday 1


Want to punch up your style with a rainbow hue? Avoid the damaging bleaching process by incorporating a few extensions in your color of choice.


Julianne Hough has traded in her well-known blonde locks for something decidedly more RED. The star shared her mane change on Instagram… “I have never felt more like ME than I do right now!! I have always felt like a red head my whole life, even to the point that I’ve thought that my future daughter would 100% be a red head! I’ve seriously talked about doing this for 6 years, ask anyone who knows me…and now that I’m on this new journey, exploring and finding out who I truly am, I said screw it! I feel more feminine and alive and I love it!”

We love it, too!


thurs 1

thursda 1


If you’re looking for a quick way to switch your style, try a fierce clip-in bang. It’s a sure way to freshen your look without a commitment.

One Great Look: Hazelnut & Vanilla

Hair by Angela Bartoli
StyleTee Salon, Wilkes-Barre, PA

This sweet style is a new take of being blonde. Hazelnut roots transform into a beautiful vanilla bean hue for this shoulder-brushing coif. Teased, brushed out curls create an effortless and romantic mane.


wed 1

wednesday 1


Use conditioners infused with Vitamin E and olive oil for ultra-smooth strands.


tues 1

tuesday 1


Is your shampoo leaving your hair squeaky clean? If so, it might be too drying for your hair type.


After a weather delay, this week will be skier Mikaela Shiffrin’s debut at the Olympic games. You may have seen her commercial on TV, with the ABFTTB tagline: Always Be Faster Than The Boys. The story behind it? Mikaela shared in an interview with NBC Olympics…

“I have the acronym A.B.F.T.T.B. on my helmet. I used to make people try to guess what it means, but it stands for ‘Always Be Faster Than The Boys.’ [Three-time U.S. Winter Olympian] Heidi Voelker signed a poster for me when I was really little and she wrote that. She said, ‘Dream big, Mikaela, and always be faster than the boys.’ I always saw that poster in our basement — our basement was like the playroom — and would be like, ‘Always be faster than the boys. OK, Heidi, I will.’

My dad was like, ‘You should write that on your skis.’ And so we started to do that. Now I have somebody doing my skis for me and they are very particular about what they write on my skis, so they won’t let me write that on them. But I can paint my helmet with the words on it. It’s just inspiring. At this point it’s almost more of a ritual or just something that’s sentimental for me.”

We’re rooting for Mikaela–and revealing one of her mane secrets she revealed on Instagram: “Secret: I love doing hair, and getting my hair done.”

Go, Mikaela!

Photo: Shiffrin.


mon 1

monday 1


Always trim split ends before they become too big of a problem to handle. If you let split ends remain, they can eventually travel up your entire hair shaft.

One Great Look: Café Latte

Hair by Shantelle Horn
Posh Salon & Spa, Lexington, KY

This decadent ‘do is the trendy new mane you’ve been looking for. Rich, dark espresso locks are ombréd into a delicious foam-blonde color on the tips. Long strands fall down the back in beachy waves. Yum!


sun 1

sunday 1


If you’re playing with the idea of going blonde, opt for multiple tones. It will create a multi-dimensional effect.

Star Makeovers!

Short or long? Blonde or brunette? Curly or straight? Can’t decide what you want your next look to be? Then pick up a copy of Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide! Our new issue has lots of great makeovers, including 20 inspiring looks from your favorite celebrities. From Julianne Hough to Vanessa Hudgens, Kristen Stewart to Demi Lovato, there’s a new look waiting for you. Go grab a copy today!

P.S. TONS of other great stuff in here, too!


sat 2

saturday 2


Don’t let hair fears keep you from working out in the pool. Coat hair with conditioner and put on a swim cap for a hydrating treatment that will also protect your strands as you swim.

Red & Ready

Caitlin S., Senior Hair Designer at The Salon by InStyle inside JCPenney, and Artistic Educator for Salon by Instyle created this gorgeous red color melt look, with deep roots blending into a bold scarlet hue. Red and ready to look fabulous!



fri 2

friday 2


Don’t rub your tresses with a towel to remove excess water—blotting hair gently will remove the moisture without causing damage.

Val Gal Look – Glamour!

More inspo for your Valentine’s Day look — this one especially for short-hair gals. Halsey hit the red carpet with her layered crop done up in voluminous curves brushed away from her face. Chandelier earrings top off the look. Romantic and sexy all at once. #SoPretty



thurs 2

thursday 2


For finished curls, blow dry hair 80% of the way with a diffuser. Then, let hair air-dry and apply a light holding cream to set the style.

One Great Look: Peek-A-Blue

Hair by Kelsey Harper
The Cuttaway Salon, Joplin, MO

The pop of blue peeking out from this balayaged mane is stunning. A dark base lets the dimensional blonde highlights and touches of blue really pop. Loose waves are slightly tousled for a picture-perfect finish.


wed 2

wednesday 2


Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to help prevent hair color from prematurely fading.


tues 2

tuesday 2


Schedule a consultation with a new salon before having any services done. In this way, you’ll get more info about your new potential beauty hot spot!

Val Gal Look — Pinned!

Starting to collect looks for your Valentine’s Day date? Then you must add this one of Margot Robbie. Tresses are gathered at the nape in a braided bun, while front layers are left out to frame the face in loose, pretty waves. Romance galore!



mon 2

monday 2


Try a homemade hair mask made of one egg yolk, two avocados, ½ cup of honey and two tablespoons of olive oil for ultimate sheen. Rinse well!

Think Pink!

Superbowl Sunday! Yes, we’re excited to see the game, but we’re even more excited for what’s going down even before the coin toss. Pink is performing! The star will be singing The Star-Spangled Banner, and we’re sure she’s going to be phenomenal. And then there’s Justin Timberlake at halftime. So. EXCITED!!!!


sun 2

sunday 2


Book your salon appointments in advance. Your hair will thank you for it.


Hurry, hurry, hurry! This is the last weekend you scan scoop up the April 2018 issue of Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide with Hayden Panettiere on the cover. You don’t want to miss all your favorite stars (Taylor, Carrie, Selena, Cara, Lucy, Demi, Lauren, Kelsea, Kristen, Jennifer, Kendall, Karlie, Lily, Julie, Michelle, and so on and so on), plus giveaways with blow-dryers, flat irons, hair products, lipglosses and more. And don’t even get us started on the hundreds of cuts, colors and styles you can get inspired by. Phew! So whatcha waitin for? Go! Now! Get!




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It’s OK to wear a flirty fringe with glasses, just keep your bangs above the brow line.

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