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Blonde is always on trend! One of the most requested shades for a reason, blonde makes you feel feminine and sexy. But, blonde is also one of the hardest to maintain depending on your natural haircolor. Check out these tips so you can find out if blondes have more fun yourself!

Tip 1: TRY A MASK…Masks give your hair an intense shot of moisture and nutrients. Just like face masks, there are tons of different options that give various results to fit whatever need your mane has.

Tip 2: TRY PURPLE PRODUCTS…Keep up your Goldilocks status by eliminating unappealing brassy and orange-y tones with purple shampoos. The purple will neutralize the brass.

Tip 3: ROOT COVER-UP…If ombré isn’t the look you’re going for, then you have to deal with visible roots in between salon appointments. In today’s beauty world there are tons of sprays, powders and gels you can use to tint your roots so they’re not as noticeable.

Tip 4: CHOOSE PRODUCTS WISELY…Opt for shampoos and conditioners made for blonde haircolor. When you change your haircolor you need to change your care routine and products, too!

Tip 5: TAKE A HEAT STYLING BREAK…It’s no secret coloring your hair, especially going blonde, can cause some damage to your coif. So after a color it’s nice to embrace your natural texture and put down the flat-iron and curling iron for a while.

BLONDE STAR INSPO: Khloe Kardashian

Photos: Model: Paul Edmonds, United Kingdom; Khloe: Michael Becker/E! Entertainment.

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