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Pop star and actress Selena Gomez graces our April/May 2018 cover this issue! Grab a copy to get more info on Selena’s favorite makeup and hair tips.

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Get inspired by your favorite celebs mane transformations!

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We’re giving away over $4,000 in free beauty products this issue! Check out our Big Beauty Giveaway in the April/May 2018 issue for a chance to win.

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How to play with platinum just in time for spring.


India De Beaufort

INDIA DE BEAUFORT, aka: the savvy Jules on Blood & Oil

blood 1

India de Beaufort has been seen on shows like One Tree Hill, Jane By Design and Chicago P.D. On ABC’s addicting new drama Blood & Oil, she plays the sultry, savvy Jules Jackman, who’s building her own empire in the Bakken. Sophisticate’s got a chance to chat with the U.K. native about her on-screen style, her mane routine and the rest of the season!

blood 2

Tell me about your show, Blood and Oil, and your character, Jules Jackman.
Blood and Oil is a really cool drama about the boom in the Bakken in North Dakota. My character, Jules, is a tough, smart, self-made woman. She owns the saloon that’s sort of a central meeting place. And she goes from a realtor to a stockbroker to a loan shark—she’s the go-to girl when you need something.

How do you typically wear your hair when you’re filming?
Jules has a lot longer hair than I have. My hair’s at about a shoulder-length bob, so she has long clip-in extensions. But I usually have a tousled look, with long, loose flowing hair. We try to do everything not-too-perfect to stay true to real life.

blood 4Do you have any favorite styles for when you’re walking the red carpet?
I think I’m learning that the more relaxed I feel and look, the happier I am after the fact. When I was younger, I had this idea etched in me that I should always be as close to perfect as I could get. And then as I got older I realized that imperfection is lovely. The more thrown together it looks, the more high-fashion your hair looks, so that’s kind of what I live by these days.

Do you typically style your own hair or do have a stylist?
I generally style my own hair for everything but work. For red carpets, I do my own hair and makeup most of the time. The only time I don’t is on set, because we have this fantastic hair and makeup team. My hair is naturally very curly. So I step out of the shower and have this huge mass of curly, beachy hair. I’m so used to straightening it for work. For life, I just let it go. It’s my happy hair!

blood 3Can you walk me through your hair routine?
I shower, shampoo and condition. When the conditioner’s on, I comb through it and just throw my head over in the shower, almost like in a rock music video, and that sort of loosens up the curls. When I jump out of the shower I scrunch it with a towel. Then I put the tiniest little 25-cent piece amount of Enjoy Straightener through my hair, just gently stroking it through, and that stops it from going puffy but keeps the curls a bit more defined. And then I just let it dry.

How do you keep your hair healthy when you’re shooting and getting your hair done all the time?
It’s really hard, because my hair gets fried quickly. I had the ombre look going for a while and I was really enjoying being playful with color, but it fried the ends of my hair. So part of the reason why I’m rocking the bob is because, with the amount of heat that goes on my hair on a daily basis, I have to keep chopping it. I try to do shampoo masks and deep-conditioners. And when I’m not working, I make sure I don’t use any heat, and I just let my hair do its own thing.

What can viewers look forward to for the rest of Blood & Oil’s first season?
A lot of “OMG” moments! I’m really excited to see what it looks like when it’s all pieced together. It’s a really fun show. There are going to be a lot of twists and turns and good character relationships and, hopefully, a group of people that you want to come back and hang out with every week.

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