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Dark, decadent tresses are an haute and trendy haircolor choice. Deeper shades are enchanting and sophisticated. Going darker is still a color service, so here are a few tricks to get the best out of your bewitching brunette locks.

Tip 1: BLOCK THE SUN…It’s all fun and games until you let your beautiful, silken color get attacked by UV rays. Just like you protect the rest of your body, give your mane some protection under a hat or using UV protecting products.

Tip 2: DEEP CONDITION…Breath life back into your color-treated tresses with a moisturizing deep conditioner before your color service and about once a week after.

Tip 3: CONDITION BEFORE SWIMMINGWhether it’s summertime or you’re heading on a tropical vacation, chlorine in pools is color kryptonite! Protect your coif by wetting hair and adding a dab of conditioner throughout before diving in.

Tip 4: SHINEMaintain glossy, healthy looking locks by including a shine enhancer to your routine. The healthier the hair, the better your color will appear!

Tip 5: TRY A NEW CUT…There are tons of ways to change-up your look. A darker color and fresh color will make your mane lusher and healthier looking.


Photos: Model: Paul Edmonds, United Kingdom; Lucy: Aaron Poole/E! Entertainment.

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