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This haircolor is hot! Recently red has become one of the top haircolor trends to try. From copper to cherry and every shade in between, red is a must-try. If you’ve recently taken the leap into this hue then you don’t want to miss these tips and tricks…

Tip 1: DON’T SHAMPOO EVERY DAY…Red is notorious for fading very fast. Keep your color in place longer by skipping a few washes. If you need to control oil or refresh your look, try out a dry shampoo.

Tip 2: GET A GLAZE…A glaze is a great way to add shine and life back into your locks. Not to mention some glazes come with pigment mixed in to add a boost of color back into your tresses to keep you glam in between salon visits.

Tip 3: FIND A GOOD PRO…If you’re going red you have to accept that you’ll be hitting the salon frequently if you want to keep your hair #InstagramWorthy. So you need to find a stylist who is comfortable with color treatments and that you enjoy hanging out with.

Tip 4: STAY COOL…Cold water is key when your hair has color enhancement. When you wash with hot water, the steam opens the hair cuticle and the color can rinse right out. So turn down the heat when you hop in the shower.

Tip 5: STAY TRIMMED…Color looks best on healthy hair! Letting your locks go too long between trims with allow split ends to give your hair a dull, frizzy appearance. Not cute!

RED STAR INSPO: Brittany Snow

Photos: Model: Franck Provost, France; Brittany: Aaron Poole/E! Entertainment.


Dark, decadent tresses are an haute and trendy haircolor choice. Deeper shades are enchanting and sophisticated. Going darker is still a color service, so here are a few tricks to get the best out of your bewitching brunette locks.

Tip 1: BLOCK THE SUN…It’s all fun and games until you let your beautiful, silken color get attacked by UV rays. Just like you protect the rest of your body, give your mane some protection under a hat or using UV protecting products.

Tip 2: DEEP CONDITION…Breath life back into your color-treated tresses with a moisturizing deep conditioner before your color service and about once a week after.

Tip 3: CONDITION BEFORE SWIMMINGWhether it’s summertime or you’re heading on a tropical vacation, chlorine in pools is color kryptonite! Protect your coif by wetting hair and adding a dab of conditioner throughout before diving in.

Tip 4: SHINEMaintain glossy, healthy looking locks by including a shine enhancer to your routine. The healthier the hair, the better your color will appear!

Tip 5: TRY A NEW CUT…There are tons of ways to change-up your look. A darker color and fresh color will make your mane lusher and healthier looking.


Photos: Model: Paul Edmonds, United Kingdom; Lucy: Aaron Poole/E! Entertainment.


Blonde is always on trend! One of the most requested shades for a reason, blonde makes you feel feminine and sexy. But, blonde is also one of the hardest to maintain depending on your natural haircolor. Check out these tips so you can find out if blondes have more fun yourself!

Tip 1: TRY A MASK…Masks give your hair an intense shot of moisture and nutrients. Just like face masks, there are tons of different options that give various results to fit whatever need your mane has.

Tip 2: TRY PURPLE PRODUCTS…Keep up your Goldilocks status by eliminating unappealing brassy and orange-y tones with purple shampoos. The purple will neutralize the brass.

Tip 3: ROOT COVER-UP…If ombré isn’t the look you’re going for, then you have to deal with visible roots in between salon appointments. In today’s beauty world there are tons of sprays, powders and gels you can use to tint your roots so they’re not as noticeable.

Tip 4: CHOOSE PRODUCTS WISELY…Opt for shampoos and conditioners made for blonde haircolor. When you change your haircolor you need to change your care routine and products, too!

Tip 5: TAKE A HEAT STYLING BREAK…It’s no secret coloring your hair, especially going blonde, can cause some damage to your coif. So after a color it’s nice to embrace your natural texture and put down the flat-iron and curling iron for a while.

BLONDE STAR INSPO: Khloe Kardashian

Photos: Model: Paul Edmonds, United Kingdom; Khloe: Michael Becker/E! Entertainment.


If you’re not ready to jump into a full head of color, highlights are a perfect choice. You can still transform your hair hue without the commitment and upkeep of a full head of color. Read through these tricks and tips before booking a salon appointment.

Tip 1: THE BASICS…There are a few factors that contribute to the perfect highlight—size, placement and lightness level. You salon pro will know what to do.

Tip 2: FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU…Tone, lightness and color all depend on your skin tone and undertones. Your highlights should be customized for you.

Tip 3: CHOOSE THE RIGHT SHADE…From subtle to extreme pops, choose your highlighter level carefully based on the health of your hair, your natural haircolor and how often you want to go back.

Tip 4: SIZE MATTERS…The thickest, lightest pieces should frame your face and then lesson in size as they flow toward the crown.

Tip 5: FOILS, BAYALAGE, BABYLIGHTS, OMBRÉ, LOWLIGHTS AND MORE!…There are several techniques for applying highlights to your locks. Each will give a different level of dimension and finish, so do a little research before heading to the salon.


Photos: Model: Jean Claude Aubry Community, France; Miley: Timothy Kuratek/CBS.

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