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You Love It LONG

Whether you’re blessed with tresses that grow long and strong, or you fake it with extensions, your styling options are almost endless. Have some fun and try something new, like a few layers or even a statement bang. If you love it long, check out the mane moves below.


Copious curls turn up the volume on these blonde locks. Flaxen highlights compliment sandy lowlights and straightforward bangs heighten the stylishness, resulting in a look that packs a punch. Hair by Camille Albane, France.

Grown-out balayage highlights are brought next level with a little purple haze. This look layers shades of deep violet to lightened ends, veiling a moody mask on lengthy locks. Hair by Chez Vous Salon, Singapore.

Warm caramel tresses carry warmth to this timeless haircut. The hue fades from dark to light, like a traditional ombre, and the color palate is achieved with warm amber toner. Hair by Dessange Paris, France.

A deep conditioning treatment can make all the difference in hair texture. These strong strands are flawlessly styled into a smooth finish accented in choppy bangs that add edginess to the guise. Hair by Dessange Paris, France.

Ooh la la, a center part with covert bangs frames the face in sultry layers. Chocolate brown locks fade to red velvet curls with volume building all the way down. Hair by Kenchez, United Kingdom.

You Love It MEDIUM

If you’re rockin’ a medium-length hair cut, you know you’ve got versatility for days! Pop in a few curls to make your cut look shorter, or pin it back for easy chic-ness. If you love it medium, check out the looks below to stir up your next style idea.


Fine hair is amplified with a bold red-brown color. Healthy shine radiates from roots to ends sealed in lightweight smoothness, allowing the short cut to standout with a personality of its own.

Straight across bangs paired with a shoulder-length chop convey informal assertiveness. Natural highlights keep the look bright and sunny while the bangs bring attitude at the eye line.

It’s not always about touchably soft texture, and this attention-grabbing gaze is here to prove that. Gritty volume builds at the base as big natural curls are sprinkled throughout. A blunt end seals the look with intentional structure.

Medium cuts can have fun with layers too, just take a look at this low-maintenance style. Blonde tresses flirt with the collarbone and long bangs dance around the chin emphasizing feminine features.

A flirty cut is tossed over to one side with curved ends blown out away from the face. One side modestly tucked behind the ear allows the other side to play up the sass with uninhibited placement.

You Love It SHORT

With short cuts, styling is everything. Take a flat mane from dull to delightful just by changing up where you part your tresses. Or, try out a bold color and make a statement with bangs. If you love it short, the looks below will have you ready to book your next salon appointment.


Lifted light and shaggy texture give this pixie a distinctive guise. Hair is sliced into lots of layers and a long bang plunges across the forehead. The luminous apricot color is vibrantly saturated with sprightly energy.

A seamless blend of blonde tones are delicately cut into a rounded pixie. Straight fringe bangs shoot down, shielding one eye while piecey layers fall over the other, leaving onlookers in a daze.

A simple bowl cut goes high fashion with candid curls bronzed in honey brown hues. The absence of visible product keeps this look light and airy, with curls taking up space in every direction.

This short style is easy and breezy, with wavy layers swinging all about. A color palate of blonde and brown mingles with ease, giving the style room to grow without much maintenance.

A combination of soft and square give this look a stylish edge. The angled side bang descends across in a straight line while the back section is gently blown in towards the neckline. The result is an unsuspecting pair for the win.

You Love It CURLY

Curls can be fun and flirty or polished and stretched out, there are just so many ways to work them. Try out beach waves or cut it short and play with a perm. Curling hair is a true art, so scroll on for some mane motivation if you love it curly.


Adorable curls bounce all about this super cute style. The haircut makes room for ample volume, as the short strands can hold big spirals with ease. The cherry red color just adds to the zest.

Sandy blonde tresses made for a summer day are perfectly disheveled with windswept texture. The side bang meets the mane in the midsection, effortlessly fusing with one of the waves.

Shirley Temple would be proud to see her iconic style from 1960’s still reining strong. Colored in pastel strawberry blonde, the lively curls bounce all about and give off youthful verve.

Tight little coils straighten out at the ends, creating complexity in this shorthaired style. The amber color grows in brightness out towards the ends, amplifying each twisty coil.

The wet hair look is totally high fashion and this style goes for it. Damp strands are coated in hair gel and it’s scrunched and shaken as it dries. The goal is for hair to feel dry, but look wet.

You Love BANGS

Bangs are so much more than a simple hair chop. Good bangs with blend with your hair to amplify any style. From swept up fringe to clean and blunt, here are so many ways to layer your look. The brilliant cuts below will have you wanting bangs in no time.


This coif arcs in towards the face at every angle. Smooth mocha strands hinted with hues of red are blown dry to perfectly frame the face. The final touch is bangs dired to scoop in.

Ruby red tresses are dried to bow outwards before a bend catches the chin the ends. It’s a curious look made better with bangs that mingle around the part line and coin the look with fringe.

A little fringe with precise styling make these bangs the star of this style. The fun and lively curls keep the look sassy while the clean and refined bangs ground the look with class.

The mullet is back, and this is such a chic way to style the classic 80’s mane move. Fringe bangs invite the eyes as hair transitions to a lengthier finish in the back. Colors of roasted coffee with amber and peach blonde highlights make the look rebellious and cool.

A simple straight cut with long bangs is amplified with lots of fringe at all the ends. Dusty blonde locks are textured with shearing scissors to create dynamic layers skimming the surface like feathers.

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