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Cover Girl

The singer and American Idol judge takes center stage.

Mini Magazine

These trendsetters are leading the way in star-studded style.

Hot Hair

Fringe is in and California cool reigns, you better brush up on what’s hot.

Star Hairstyles

Things are heating up with these sizzling celebrity style updates.

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Stay fresh with these tips and tricks for summer hair.

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What’s Inside This Issue!

What’s Inside This Issue

Cover Girl


Katy Perry has come a long way since singing gospel songs from the pews of her local church. Over the years, we’ve seen her signature jet-black hair transform into just about every style under the sun. Beaded wigs, platinum pixies, multi-colored highlights and bows– these are a few of her favorite things. The Grammy-nominated diva loves to go big and bold. We take a look back at her most memorable looks in the latest issue.

“Changing my hair is definitely the biggest physical transformation I have experienced as a woman.”

Read more about Katy Perry’s glam game in the June 2019 issue of Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide.

Mini Magazine


We dare you to go for it this summer, and there’s no better way to make a bold new statement than with a fresh chop. From beautiful color to far-out texture, these celebrities are paving the way for what’s next in haute hair.

Swift Style

When Taylor Swift burst onto the scene in 2008, she let her curly mane roam free. Over the years, she’s toned down the natural lioness texture of her locks and opted for a more refined style. She became the queen of bangs when she made the chop in 2010, and we’re patiently waiting to see what the “gorgeous” singer will change up next.

Heavenly Highlights

Jessica Biel has come a long way since her days playing Mary Camden on 7th Heaven. She loves to rock a natural wave and we think low-maintenance styling might be the secret behind her luscious locks that always seem to shine with a healthy glow. Take a look at our other hair color queens in the new issue.

Chop Chop

When she’s not going to great lengths as the elite spy and former Avenger, Black Widow, in Iron Man, Scarlett Johansen likes to keep things short and sweet. Her blunt bob sets the scene for some wild movie stunts, and that’s a just one perk to keeping things short.

Check out all the hot trends in the June 2019 issue of Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide!

Hot Hair

Auburn Perfection

This maven mane look is rockin’ with style and pizzazz. A contrast between the bright color palate and relaxed curly waves make us sing with style envy. Choppy bangs complete the look, which would shine out on the runway or out on the streets.

Cali Cool

This cool bob hits hard with sharp ends and full waves to accentuate voluminous texture. A center part lifts from the roots to fill out the blunt ends. Platinum blonde seals the deal on overall couture chicness.

Fringe Benefits

Lightly waved tresses with a fringe bang radiate vintage vibes. Lifted and full bangs brush just above the brow bone, showcasing a lovely muted eye shadow. We just love to love this throwback cut.

Take in all the blended looks with the June 2019 issue of Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide.

Star Hairstyles

Julianne Hough

Triple threat Julianne Hough goes sultry with this feminine and flirty hairstyle. Blended highlights naturally fade from her dark root to a bleached blonde. Julianne’s stylist describes this ‘do as “a very ‘60s, shaggy organic and effortless [style with] dimensional color.”

Ariana Grande

The current princess of pop always delivers on the dolled-up girly girl look. Rocking her infamous ponytail, the Grammy-winner’s tresses are slicked back into a high pony that falls past the waistline of her lilac chiffon baby doll dress.

Kelly Clarkson

The OG American Idol winner is totally rocking the short blonde bob of the moment. We’re seeing this style pop up everywhere, and Kelly keeps it classy with toned down color and timeless Hollywood curls.

Khloe Kardashian

The youngest Kardashian sister loves a good trend. She’s totally unafraid of trying something new, even if it’s just for one night. Her short blonde bob can easily transform with a few fun styling tools.

See the rest of the head turning star hairstyles in the June 2019 issue of Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide!

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