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America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift is gracing our February 2018 cover! We have all of the pop star’s best mane moves and beauty secrets right in this issue.

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Check out these glamourous before and after hair makeovers!

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Sophisticate’s got to chat with Fox-TV Star’s Brittany O’Grady!

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Bring in the holidays with hair inspirations from your favorite celebs!

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Win some free products from our Holiday Glamapalooza Big Beauty Giveaway! Give the gift of beauty swag this year.

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We have some of the top products you need to bring with you into the new year! Check them out!

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Take a look at this season’s hottest nail colors with CND’s Night Spell collection!


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Sophisticate’s Blog:         Winterize Your Hair

iStock_000022986547XSmallIt’s that time of the year! Cool weather is upon us, so it’s time to break out the Uggs and start reevaluating our hair care routine. This winter, say goodbye to dry, lifeless strands with these five easy tips that will leave you with a well-moisturized mane. Mario Russo, owner and lead stylist of Salon Mario Russo, gives the scoop on how to get strands that will stay sexy all season long

D82S_largeBrush Your Hair — Only When It’s Dry
Brushing hair while it’s dry has amazing benefits!

  • Using your favorite brush, ideally one with natural or boar bristles, brush hair from scalp to ends.
  • Brushing hair disperses the oils from your scalp onto the rest of your hair and adds moisture to areas of your hair that tend to be dry during the winter.
  • Brush your hair daily, if not twice a day (morning and night) for best results.

Use a Silk Pillowcase & Add a Humidifier
The term “beauty sleep” is no joke! Switching your pillowcases from cotton to silk can be an easy way to protect and perfect your hair during the winter. Additionally, putting a humidifier in your bedroom will bring moisture back in the air and help your locks.

  • The friction from a cotton pillowcase can add extra frizz and snagging to your hair, whereas, your hair will slide across a silk pillowcase as you sleep and cause less rubbing and friction.
  • Silk pillowcases will also cause less ridges in your hair, which is ideal for someone who showers the night before and doesn’t style their hair in the morning.

Don’t Go Outside with Wet Hair — Always Wear a Hat
Taking this step will help combat frizz and dryness.

  • When you have wet hair, the change from a warm temperature to a cold temperature can cause hair icicles which leads to breakage and split ends.
  • The cold, dry temperatures against wet hair can also add unwanted frizz, especially to the hair that’s closest to your scalp.
  • Always wear a hat or head scarf outside — preferably one with silk lining to avoid undesirable friction/frizz. Hats will also lock in moisture in your locks.

71T41DRED_largeSay “Goodbye” to Towel-Drying — Wrap Damp Hair with a T-Shirt
The thick, ridged cotton of a towel will only add extra frizz and friction to your already dry winter locks. Instead, find an old t-shirt and put it to use!

  • Put the t-shirt on and then pull it over your head, wrapping it like a turban & knotting it around wet locks. Let the smooth cotton of your t-shirt sop up extra water before you blow-dry.
  • Gently unwrap the t-shirt when you’re ready to blow-dry and using only the palms of your hands, apply a smoothing cream to damp locks. Using your fingers is often too aggressive on temperamental dry hair, whereas, the palms of your hand are smooth and will glide across your locks as you apply the product.

Change Your Shampoo & Boost Your Conditioner with Olive Oil
When the temperatures are at their coldest, your hair needs a change in products. Switch out your summer shampoo and conditioner and incorporate one that advertises itself as “hydrating”.

  • Using your new shampoo, cut down on the amount of times per week that you lather up. Every third day is ideal if you can stretch your style that long.
  • Incorporate a leave-in conditioner into your routine and if you can splurge, go to the salon 1 to 2 times a month for a professional deep conditioning treatment.
  • For an at-home boost, add a tablespoon of olive oil or avocado to your conditioner. This will help to seal in moisture and add shine.

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