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Nashville Star Hayden Panettiere is our March 2018 cover girl! Check out this issue to get the details on Hayden’s gorgeous golden hair and beauty tips.

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Take a first look at 2018’s best trendy makeovers!

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Check out this season’s hottest cuts & colors from Italy!

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Your favorite star’s show off their gorgeous coifs!

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We are giving away over $7,000 in free products this issue! Check out our Big Beauty Giveaway in the March 2018 issue to win.

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Get these hot new products for all your beauty needs! Try something new today!

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Aveda is making a difference with its latest philanthropic campaign with the National Audubon Society and Bird Life International.


Hot Summer Hair Tips

hot summer hair tips

Boston salon owner and 30-year industry veteran Mario Russo, of Salon Mario Russo, shares tips and tricks for keeping your hair gorgeous during the summer months, like the lovely Lea Michele pictured above…

Try the next-day hair duo
If you have dry shampoo in your beauty repertoire, don’t ignore its counterpart: dry conditioner! Use a dry conditioner to revive locks and coat them with a light layer of hair-smoothing ingredients that will add shine and softness. Use your dry shampoo on your roots and your dry conditioner on the length of your hair, applying it from mid-shaft to ends. A favorite is Oribe Soft Dry Conditioner. Have fine hair? Proceed with caution, as dry conditioner may weigh done your locks and make them look limp.

Say goodbye to misbehaving hairs
Nothing ruins a sleek hairstyle like a few stubborn flyways. Get rid of frizz by using a clear mascara formula to smooth down hair along your hairline. Bonus! You can also use this product to manage your eyebrow shape.

100% Humidity, 100% Fabulous
Don’t let the summer humidity leave you with a bad-hair day! Lock in moisture by applying conditioner in the shower, followed by applying another light leave-in conditioner on damp strands post-shower. Double up the conditioner when it’s super humid to better combat frizz!

Don’t forget your SPF: Scalp. Part. Flawless.
Ever have a sore scalp after a day in the sun? It’s easy to forget to protect this sensitive part of your skin, but we know just the trick! Move your hair part around often—even just an inch to the right or left throughout the day—and you’ll be lessen the sunburn.

Hair oils for rays of shine
We know hair oils are great for conditioning hair, but they also have other benefits when used post-styling: oils can add beautiful shine and a boost of hydration to help give your hair a million dollar-shimmer and silky-smooth feel. Looking for a more moisturizing result from oils? Apply the oil on dry hair before you get into the shower, and shampoo hair last. Since water repels oil, putting oil on your dry locks provides a deeper penetration into the hair cuticle.

Think before you dip
Chlorine-filled pools can cause serious damage and build-up on your hair. Protect your precious locks by filling a spray bottle with a water-conditioner mix and spritz your locks before you dive in. Wetting your hair pre-swim makes the cuticle fill up with water, so your locks will be less likely to absorb the harsh chemicals from the pool. And as soon as you get out of the pool, rinse your hair!

Brush your hair 100 times before bed
Ok, maybe not 100. But this old wives’ tale holds some truth when it comes to keeping hair healthy. Regularly brushing your hair will eliminate tangles and stimulate circulation in your scalp. It also helps increase blood flow to your scalp/roots and distributes the oil from your scalp to your locks for a nourishing hair treat. While not everyone can splurge on a Mason Pearson brush, make sure you are using the best tool for your hair. Bonus Tip: The longer your hair, the larger the brush you should use.

Give your hair a personal day
During the summer, it can be tempting to smother on a variety of styling products to combat frizz, create beach waves and texture, etc., but this habit will leave your hair falling flat. In particular, alcohol-based gels and sprays can dry out hair in the summer and cause it to go limp in humid temperatures. Give your hair a much-needed vacation and, just once a week, go product-free! Trust us, it’s worth it.


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