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America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift is gracing our February 2018 cover! We have all of the pop star’s best mane moves and beauty secrets right in this issue.

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Sophisticate’s got to chat with Fox-TV Star’s Brittany O’Grady!

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Bring in the holidays with hair inspirations from your favorite celebs!

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Interview! Nikki Leigh

Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide Exclusive Interview With The Gorgeous Starlet

nikki leigh 1

Nikki Leigh started her busy career by landing her own Sirius XM talk show. Now, the beauty is filling her acting resume with must-sees like Lifetimes Open Marriage and Blackpills’ A Girl Is A Gun. In an exclusive interview we chatted with the gorgeous gal about her new role and her bombshell style…

nikki leigh 2Tell us about your upcoming project A Girl Is A Gun.
A Girl is a Gun, it’s going to be on Blackpills which should be coming out very soon, it’s going to be a worldwide platform like a Netflix or Hulu type of idea. [The series is] about these girls who are vigilantes and gathering a gorilla group type of aspect who go against these misogynistic men who are the leaders of this town…and women become second to the men so it’s about women taking their power back and coming together as vigilantes. It’s really fun, it’s really powerful, its really badass.

What can you tell us about your character Santa Fe?
You get to really see a wide range with her… Everyone likes to see somebody grow in strength and that’s kind of exactly what she does. You see her on the bottom where she’s in this little town and she finds everything to be copasetic and things are fine…She feels really protected and something happens where she hits the bottom and she finds strength with all these other women and learns what’s really going on in the town where she was blinded from.

nikki leigh 55How did you wear your hair for the show?
Oh my god, it’s the best ever! I absolutely loved Santa Fe’s hair. It is so wild and free and I love that about her. It’s kind of like crimped, and I have a lot of hair so it becomes this kind of Afro-ish type of idea, but it’s not an Afro. It’s a lot of fun, it’s just very raw and wild. The hair is not done beautifully; it’s really raw and ragged and I love it. I absolutely love it. I‘ve actually been trying to do that daily at home. I’m like, How do I get my hair more like that every day?

What’s your go-to hairstyle?
If I have a lot to do in the day, then I’m thankful enough to get in the shower, get out, towel-dry my hair, maybe
nikki leigh 3put a little product in it to give it a little lift. An easy thing obviously to do is to flip my head over and kind of blow-dry it a little bit; that gives you some volume from the root. [If I want something fancy] I really think that, because of the show, I really have gotten into more crimp or a wave like a beach tousle waves, I think that’s my favorite because I love the volume it adds too and I love volume.

Do you have a salon our stylist you usually go to?
I go to a guy that cuts my hair. His name is Michael Canyon, he’s actually worked with Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model for years, he’s really amazing. And then the girl Elaine, she did my hair for A Girl is a Gun and she’s amazing. She’s been my hair guru if you will.

nikki leigh 7How do you keep your coif healthy?
Healthy hair is very big for me. I am really into regimens so before I got to bed I have a whole regimen. I also do that for my hair, which is probably why it’s really healthy as well on top of that I don’t put any chemicals on it. I do these hair masks so I take three eggs, a little bit of olive oil and castor oil and mix it all up and I dip my head into the tub and I pour the egg all over my hair and I massage it in. And I leave it in my hair, put a hair cap and I leave it in my hair for about two to three hours with cold water and then I put coconut oil in my hair, put a towel around it, go to sleep and when I wake up in the morning I rinse it all out, wash my hair a few times and my hair is brand new.

nikki leigh 4What are some of your favorite beauty products?
I use a bunch of different stuff. One [brand] I really love and respect is Lush. I really like their foundation and it’s all handmade and all natural so I really like to do that. “Teddy” by MAC eyeliner is the best for natural look, its not black, its not brown, its more of a reddish brown so there’s a real natural element to it. I found this palette by Maybelline and its called The Nudes and it’s a palette of 12 colors. [I also love the] powder blush by MAC called “Harmony”. I’ve actually used this as a contour, eye shadow, shadow liner, I’ve mixed it with things to makeup lip gloss. So I’ve been able to do a whole face just with this powder blush.

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