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Marissa Jade

marissa 2

Marissa Jade is making a name for herself far beyond Mob Wives: The Last Stand. A model and actress since the age of 17, Marissa Jade has appeared in Gossip Girl, The Good Wife and Law & Order, but this Staten Island native is just getting started. A self-proclaimed product junkie, Marissa dishes to Sophisticate’s her favorite hair products, why she isn’t one to follow trends and her go-to makeup item…

What is your natural hair texture?
It’s naturally straight. I don’t want to say thick, but I don’t want to say thin. It’s a little bit thicker—just Asian hair. Natural, no extensions, no color—it’s virgin hair. I have very long hair, but it gets chopped up in angles and layers. I don’t really go to the salon. My girlfriend comes to my house maybe once a month to do my hair.

marissa 1What is your daily haircare regimen?
I use Bain de Terre shampoo and Senscience conditioner. I take three showers a day. It’s probably not the right thing to do for your hair. I just like to be clean. I’m in there more than I should. I’m probably stripping the oils out of my hair, but I can’t help it. I love being in the water.

What styling products do you use?
The one time I would ever put a styling product in my hair is when I curl it, and when I do I use a little bit of Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray. My hair is straight, it’s manageable, and it doesn’t frizz. I can walk out of the house with my hair wet and it will dry as if it was blown out.

Have you ever colored your hair?
Maybe I’ll put a demi-permanent color in, something that washes out, but it will be clear. That’s only because maybe the curling iron will dry it out or something, like harsh weather. I really don’t put anything in my hair. I had streaks when I was 14, but I like it natural.

What important rules do you live by when it comes to healthy hair?
Just don’t overdo it. Don’t kill it with an iron; try to keep it as natural as possible. If you can let it air dry, that’s good. There are definitely products out there, like leave-in conditioners. I like a lot of organic products. I’m really into Lush. They have a lot of hair products they don’t test on animals; I use the leave-in conditioner they have.

marissa 3Has your hair routine changed over the years?
No. It’s been the same forever. Maybe one day I’ll have enough courage to cut it short.

How do you wear your hair when you’re going out or going to a fun event?
Straight, wavy, curly, or maybe an updo. I also like the high bun.

What would a good hair and makeup day be like for you?
No frizz and really bouncy curls. I love beach waves actually—they’re my favorite. I’m good at that. And a good makeup day? I feel like I always have a good make-up day

What is your go-to makeup style for events?
Natural. I like to enhance my features, but when you wipe the makeup off my face I look the same. I don’t really like to cake it on and be something I’m not. I don’t like the whole clown thing.

If we were to look inside your make-up bag, what would we find?
Tom Ford lipstick, YSL lipstick, YSL mascara, Laura Mercier foundation, Bobbi Brown shimmers, Tarte or Naked eyeshadows and MAC blush. I’m definitely a fan of the airbrush foundation.

marissa 5What feature do you like to play up the most?
I like my lips. I would say eyes but I don’t really know how to do eyes so well

What is your go-to lip color?
Depends on my mood. It’s coral, a pink or a nude.

Do you wear makeup daily?
Most of the time, but just a tinted moisturizer. I feel like it protects my face when I’m outside. And some kind of lip—Tom Ford lipstick.

What is your beauty philosophy?
Less is more.

What is your skincare regimen?
Depending on what face wash I want to use, I’ll do that first. Then I’ll use a toner after and then I’ll put on oil that I have for my face and that’s it. I use GLAMGLOW Face Wash and Restore Sea Face Wash.

Are there any tips that you’ve learned from being in the industry?
Accentuate your features.

Are there any trends you love right now?
I’m not really one that follows trends. I kind of go by what I like. I’m not a platform-wearing type of girl—I’ll always be in a classic heel. When bohemian came around, I didn’t have any urge to buy that clothing. When the booties were in I didn’t really care for those. I’m a stiletto girl all the way, or a high wedge sneaker. I like my skinny jeans and my form fitting outfits.

marissa 4How do you describe your style?
I’m a very natural, classic girl. I like everything clean, and I’m not really big on designs. I like things that are form fitting; I like things that are comfortable. I love my lengthy dresses. I just like things that shape my body nicely.

Tell us about your career…
I’ve been in the industry since I was 17 years old. I think I do very well for myself modeling and acting, but more modeling. [Mob Wives] kind of approached me, and I took the opportunity. It definitely made me a household name, brought a lot of attention my way, but I don’t want to say Mob Wives is the reason I have a career because I had one before it.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
I’m adventurous so I’m really down for anything but camping. I have done skydiving before. I definitely like to go away any chance I can. I wouldn’t mind being a beach bum. I also love to eat, so I’m always eating somewhere.

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