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America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift is gracing our February 2018 cover! We have all of the pop star’s best mane moves and beauty secrets right in this issue.

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Check out these glamourous before and after hair makeovers!

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Sophisticate’s got to chat with Fox-TV Star’s Brittany O’Grady!

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Bring in the holidays with hair inspirations from your favorite celebs!

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Win some free products from our Holiday Glamapalooza Big Beauty Giveaway! Give the gift of beauty swag this year.

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We have some of the top products you need to bring with you into the new year! Check them out!

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Take a look at this season’s hottest nail colors with CND’s Night Spell collection!


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A singer, songwriter and anti-bullying activist, 15-year-old Lizzie Sider has already accomplished a lot in her career. She chatted with Sophisticate’s to talk about what’s important to her and dish on her fave hair and beauty secrets (of course!). Read on to get all the details, and see Lizzie getting glam on the set of her photo shoot!





Sophisticate’s: Can you tell us about the anti-bullying assembly tour you’re on and the message you’re trying to spread?
Lizzie: It’s a 250-school tour throughout elementary and middle schools throughout all corners of Florida, California and Texas. I’m currently in Texas right now—it’s been amazing! I share my story of being bullied when I was in elementary school and there’s a lot of talk of positivity [and] encouragement. There’s a question and answer [session], there’s discussion and then we sing a few songs—and it’s a lot of fun. I think what makes the assemblies so great is that I am only 15 and the age difference between me and the students is not too great. They’re hearing from one of their own and I think that really helps the connection.




: You’re in the process of recording a new album. What’s the vibe going to be like?
Lizzie: My music is generally really fun, upbeat and positive. It’s very universal because I write my songs from my heart and from my soul. There are definitely going to be people out there that are going through the same thing or feeling the same way. I love making music, it’s my passion, and I play the guitar and the piano—but it’s all great! So when the new album does come out, I am very excited for everyone to hear it.





Sophisticate’s: What’s your ultimate career goal?
Lizzie: My ultimate career goal is to make music, to inspire people and to do what I love on the largest scale possible. I want to be someone who in 30-40 years looks back and says, “Wow, Lizzie Sider was so influential in not only the entertainment world, and on the music side of things, but also making the world a better place and doing some milestone things to leave a mark on the world.”





Sophisticate’s: Moving on to hair and beauty, how is your hair cut right now?
Lizzie: I have it layered. I like to have angles in the front and a little bit more layered in the back. I’m all about keeping it natural, so I don’t have color. So it’s really nice and it works straight and curly too—and I love it!




Sophisticate’s: What’s your best hair memory?
Lizzie: I remember I was doing a full-band show in Nashville and I just got my hair cut and blown-out in the morning and in the evening. I had it curled and it was so beautiful, and the light caught it in such a beautiful way.




Tell me a bit about your hairstyling routine.
Lizzie: What I usually like to do is wash it at night and then I go to bed with it wet. Maybe I’ll throw a towel on my pillow and just wear it down wet; and when I wake up it just air-dries and I comb it out. I don’t like to put too much iron on my hair, when I don’t have an event; I just leave it natural because it looks great that way anyway. I don’t really put any oils in it or anything, but sometimes if it had been in hairspray the whole week, we’ll run some Moroccan hair oil through it after I shower. It’s always good to moisturize everything.






Sophisticate’s: What about for special occasions?
Lizzie: I love to wear my hair curled. I can do both [straight or curly] but I’ve always loved the [curly] look and I think it looks so beautiful! I don’t really like a tight curl—I like a wavier, beachy curl so that gives it a real natural look.




What are some of your favorite must-have products for your hair?
Lizzie: My shampoo and conditioner! It’s the L’Oreal EverPure. I also like the same thing but in the Hydrate, it’s the green bottle and it doesn’t weigh my roots down, which is a big thing for me because my hair is thick. The hairspray that I use is the TRESemmé Tres Two level four, which has a really nice, firm hold to it, and that’s really nice for my hair too because it falls out very easily.




What features do you like to highlight the most in regards to makeup?
Lizzie: I like to contour, definitely! I think that gives your face a really great shape and makes your cheekbones look fabulous. Also, I highlight a little bit right above my eyebrows, down to the top of my cheekbones. I think that really gives everything a little bit of a pop, it just makes your face a little brighter. Also, I love to make my lips stand out. Not necessarily in color, but I love how my lips are full and they have a nice shape to them, so I usually go for the less wild colors like neutrals.




What’s your favorite casual beauty look?
Lizzie: I just love a natural look, very soft shadow with a little bit of dark in there just to give that definition, a little bit of liner, mascara, and a little bit of filling in the eye brows.

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