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Taylor Swift is back and we just can’t calm down about it.

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You Love It SHORT

With short cuts, styling is everything. Take a flat mane from dull to delightful just by changing up where you part your tresses. Or, try out a bold color and make a statement with bangs. If you love it short, the looks below will have you ready to book your next salon appointment.


Lifted light and shaggy texture give this pixie a distinctive guise. Hair is sliced into lots of layers and a long bang plunges across the forehead. The luminous apricot color is vibrantly saturated with sprightly energy.

A seamless blend of blonde tones are delicately cut into a rounded pixie. Straight fringe bangs shoot down, shielding one eye while piecey layers fall over the other, leaving onlookers in a daze.

A simple bowl cut goes high fashion with candid curls bronzed in honey brown hues. The absence of visible product keeps this look light and airy, with curls taking up space in every direction.

This short style is easy and breezy, with wavy layers swinging all about. A color palate of blonde and brown mingles with ease, giving the style room to grow without much maintenance.

A combination of soft and square give this look a stylish edge. The angled side bang descends across in a straight line while the back section is gently blown in towards the neckline. The result is an unsuspecting pair for the win.

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