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Pop star and actress Selena Gomez graces our April/May 2018 cover this issue! Grab a copy to get more info on Selena’s favorite makeup and hair tips.

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Get inspired by your favorite celebs mane transformations!

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Pastels are the hottest hues for this season!

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Check out what the stars are doing with their stunning hair!

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We’re giving away over $4,000 in free beauty products this issue! Check out our Big Beauty Giveaway in the April/May 2018 issue for a chance to win.

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Looking for the latest must have beauty products? We’ve got them right here!

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How to play with platinum just in time for spring.


Sophisticate’s Exclusive Interview! Jaime Pressly

Jaime 1

Everyone’s favorite blonde from My Name Is Earl, Jaime Pressly is now the star of TV Land’s Jennifer Falls. In between breaks of her hectic shooting schedule, she sat down with Sophisticate’s to talk about the show, why she chopped off her golden strands and her most coveted beauty secrets. Get the dish here!

Jaime 2Sophisticate’s: Tell us about your character on Jennifer Falls?
Jaime Pressly: My character, Jennifer, is a type-A personality, who is a single mom. She’s an over-achiever who is a really high-powered investment banker that loses her job and along with that her house and everything else. [She then] has to move back in with her crazy mother, played by the incredible Jessica Walter. It’s a very humbling experience for her and she has to learn to do everything without help…like so many other single, working mothers do in this country every day.

Sophisticate’s: What about her signature hairstyle…
Jaime: It’s just my hairstyle—my hairdresser Jonathan Hanousek chopped it off about three or four weeks prior to me getting the script to Jennifer Falls—and timing is everything. I cut my hair because I wanted to do something different and my hair was reminding [me] every day of my character Joy from Earl. So it made sense to cut it and get rid of the old and start with the new. It’s shaved on the sides and in the back so that I can put it all on one side if I want to, or wear it the way Jennifer does, which is more of a pixie-boy cut.

Sophisticate’s: How do you feel your hairstyle relates to your character?
Jaime: The short haircut works well with the high-powered, type-A, business exec. Jennifer was in a company that was all men and the long hair probably wouldn’t have allowed her to be taken seriously. The haircut shows the strength—it’s a very strong statement.

Sophisticate’s: Do you prefer to have it short?
Jaime: I actually like it better short. It’s easier for me and I can do a lot more hairstyles with this than I could when it was long. Long hair takes a long time to blow-dry and nine times out of 10 I would end up tying it in a knot or putting it in a ponytail. With this I actually fix my hair and can do it in numerous ways.

jaime 3
Jaime and the cast of Jennifer Falls. New episodes air on Wednesdays on TVLand.

Sophisticate’s: What’s your maintenance routine?
Jaime: I love Moroccan Oil products! I use the shampoo and conditioner—the light version, not the heavy original. I use the hairspray as well and every other night I’ll do a little treatment. Either I’ll get out of the shower and put oil in it and let it dry that way or sleep with the oil in it. Or there are a couple other products that I use, [like] a thicker conditioning treatment that I let sit in the shower for a little while before I rinse it out.

Sophisticate’s: Do you have a haircare tip you’d like to share with readers?
Jaime: Every now and then you should really let your hair dry on its own and not blow-dry it. So it can soak up all the moisture and it helps stop split ends.

jaime 4

Sophisticate’s: What’s one feature you like to highlight the most in regards to makeup?
Jaime: I think eyebrows and eyelashes are really important. Eyebrows are the frame of the face and having a great eyebrow shape, one that fits your face and helps frame your eyes, is really important.

Sophisticate’s: If you had to choose one, which product could you not live without?
Jaime: I probably can’t live without vitamin C serum. I use it before I go to bed, after I wash my face, as well as before I put makeup on every morning because it’s great for discoloration and helps even out your skin tone. But most importantly, taking vitamin C and using it topically as well is great because it’s one of the only proven things that can rebuild collagen in your skin naturally.

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