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The Ladies of Big Rich Texas

The Ladies of Big Rich Texas
We guess it’s true what they say: everything is bigger in Texas! If you don’t agree, we think it’s time you tune in to Big Rich Texas, now on it’s third season and bigger and better than ever! With this many blonde bombshells and southern belles in one room, it’s no surprise that the drama and fun isn’t far behind! SHG got a chance to sit down with some of our fave Texans—Bon, Whitney, Leslie and Kalyn—to get the inside scoop on their hair and beauty routines, and want to expect in season three of Big Rich Texas

As a novelist, college professor with a PhD in Biology, and television star, this tiny Texan has a larger-than-life personality that is a fan favorite…
HER HAIR: “I’m a brunette that doesn’t want to be a brunette. I started bleaching my hair in high school; I just look better as a blonde. I use Biolage products and strengthener products because if you’re going to bleach your hair and damage it, you’re going to have to use products to repair it.”
GOING SHORT: “I’ve been thinking about going short. Most of my life I’ve had long hair. When I was about 28 years old I cut it off to an angled bob and I just felt like such a mom that I just couldn’t do it—I was a mom, but I don’t always want to look like one!”
HER EXTENSIONS: “I have tape extensions. I used to use the clip-on extensions but they actually hurt my scalp. The tape extensions stay in for three months and I can’t even tell they’re there. You can wash, style and color your hair with them in—they’re a God sent.”
HER MAKEUP: “On my lips I like to use eye shadow because it lasts longer. I found that Victoria Secret has this metallic pink eye shadow—you put it in the center and it makes your lips look bigger, and then you put a gloss on it and it looks pretty cool. All my cast mates kept asking me where I got my lipstick. I think we’re all probably going to have matching lips next season!”
SEASON THREE: “I think season 3 is the most dramatic and crazy season by far. Some nutty things happen—we take a trip to New Orleans and all hell breaks loose there.”
ON TEXAS: “My favorite thing about Texas would be the weather. If you don’t like the weather just wait, tomorrow is going to probably be different.”

As Bonnie’s daughter and best friend, Whitney is the more rebellious half of this duo. Going against the grain with a stunning hot-blonde hue, this girl really knows how to rock…
HER HAIR: “I wear it bleached and straight. I think [the hot blonde hue] looks better with my skin tone. I’ve been told that I’m one of the few that can pull of this white color. I’m actually trying to make it silver but it’s really hard.”
ON COLOR: “I’ve been every color you can think of. My favorite was probably black. My mom absolutely hated it. she says she gave birth to a blonde. I think the reason why she hated it was because she wants to be blonde so bad and I’m a natural blonde.”
HER MAKEUP: “The darker the better; I like really dramatic looks. I like MAC and Smashbox. The pigments are really good and it seems like they hold on the best to your skin.”
HER MOM: We’re like best friends. I think she had me so young and she didn’t know how to be a mother because she was a kid having a kid.”
HER FUTURE: “I see myself owning my own salon. When I was in Florida I got me Esthetician license so I decided to go back to school and get it here in Texas.”

As a newcomer to the country club in season one, Leslie has had a turbulent experience on the show, but she is back for season three and looking better than ever…
HER HAIR: “I wear my hair down and loose. For the first couple seasons I would either wear the clip-ins or a piece that I could take out. Now, I have tape in extensions. They’re flat and you can’t see them—most people don’t even know that I have them.”
HAIR ADVICE: “Be kind to your extensions. Mine last about eight to nine weeks, where typically they’re only supposed to last four to six. I have some tricks: I hold the top of my hair as I’m brushing; I brush my extensions a lot; and I blow dry it without using a brush.”
HER COLOR: “I went brunette once when I was in my 20s and that lasted about a week because it didn’t look good with my skin tone. I think that it’s best to have a version of what your hair naturally is. You can perk it up by adding highlights and lowlights, but to go with something completely different—it just didn’t work for me.”
PERSONAL STYLE: “Very Jennifer Aniston. In fact, I love everything that is Jennifer Aniston: the way she dresses casual and can wear ripped jeans with a cute little fashion top and just look amazing.”
ON KALYN: “She’s just remarkable, and to tell you the truth, I have learned a lot from that young lady. Kalyn has grown in leaps and bounds in maturity. She came on the show when she was 17 and she was scrappy and just a little fighter, and you wouldn’t mess with her. To witness her evolve, it just brings tears to my eyes.”
SEASON THREE: “If you take seasons one and two, combine them and times by 10 you’ll get a hint of how season three is! I think I feel like an outsider even more. I was hoping that wouldn’t be the case, but you know I’m sticking with it—it may take a few years.”

Along with her godmother Leslie, Kalyn is also a transplant to Texas. She may not have the Texas accent but she sure has the fashion…
HER HAIR: “Most days I curl it, wear it straight, or put it up in a bun. I don’t have extensions anymore because my hair is growing, but I do plan on probably wearing extensions next season because I do like to have a little extra length in the winter. I just wanted to give my hair some time to cool off from wearing all those extensions. I normally wear clip-ins but sometimes I’ll have them glued in.”
STYLING: “I hate having my hair in my face, especially when I’m relaxing. I wear it up in what I call my “doo-doo mama bun.” I put it up and it’s crazy and cute at the same time.”
SEASON THREE: “Viewers can definitely expect a lot more drama between the mother and daughters. You expect the usual catfight here and there, but there’s just so much more to this season. It’s really going to draw in a lot of different viewers and they’re really going to love it.”
ON LESLIE: “She’s my Godmother not my actual parent, but I do look up to her as a parent figure and as a best friend.”



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