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Gin Wigmore

Gin Wigmore

Sensational Singer
Gin Wigmore

If being a black sheep is bad, we don’t want to be good! Why? Because Gin Wigmore makes bad look oh-so-sexy! The stunning singer from New Zealand is hitting it big all around the world with her single Black Sheep off her Gravel & Wine album. The hit song has been featured on Grey’s Anatomy, Teen Wolf and ABC’s segment Gift of Revenge. Now the talented singer is bringing her act on the road as she tours around the world for the next six months. Before she jets off into the sunset, Sophisticate’s got a chance to sit down with the gorgeous singer and get all the details on her hair and makeup routine, who she would love to collaborate with and so much more…

What’s your Natural haircolor and texture?
My natural haircolor is light blonde, but I’ve been platinum since I was about twelve. My natural texture is fried from all the bleach!

Do you think you’ll go back to your natural color?
I might eventually, yeah. It’s so hard to grow out [your hair] when you’ve gone platinum. You grow it out and you look like a gross person when it gets halfway down your head with your natural color. So there’s going to come a point when I get older and I care less that I’ll probably just grow it all out and it will be fun!

Would you try going with another haircolor?
I’d love to go black, a really dark black. But I think because I’m so fair skinned that it might look just frightening! The other thing I’d like to do is go ombre—a caramel balayage. I did it three years ago and I loved it. It was dark in the roots and then light. It was beautifully done and I think I’ll probably do that again one day because it was quite good and improved the health of my hair.

Now, how do you like to wear your hair?
Always down! I love it down, although when I wake up I love just putting it up in a messy ol’ bun—having it out of my way, doing my house work, take my dog for a walk,–doing all that stuff that you don’t want your hair getting in the way of!

What products do you use?
I use sea salt spray and I use Haze Powder, which is a product from EVO. I love the Alterna products, too—it’s conditioning shine spray. I love anything that’s conditioning. There’s this great spraying conditioning called Day of Grace by EVO, which is really nice as well.

Do you have a stylist or do your hair yourself?
When I’m on tour I usually always do my hair and my makeup myself because it’s just too much with time and getting on stage and getting your stuff together. I don’t have the time. If it’s for a special show or special event I’ll have my hair done to make it all fancy and put in extensions and make it all lovely.

So you wear extensions…
I have extensions and I just got them out actually. They were bonded in with a keratin bond and I had them for about six months. It got to the point where it’s was like ‘oh it’s so heavy and I’m just so sick of it; I just want to run my hands through my hair!” Down in Aussie and New Zealand during the summer all you do is pretty much be in the water the whole time, so having these extensions was just not working. Now it’s short and out, and looks a little bit un-kept, but I’m quite liking it actually! For the summer I’ll use clip-ins—long ones.

Do you have a hair inspiration?
I really like how the Rockabilly Girls do their hair. It’s so beautiful, especially when the girls cut their fringe short—they actually go in and do it; they don’t just roll it back. And the color I think is so cool and so ballsy. I think it looks really gorgeous and a little bit mysterious still. I have yet to see any stars rock that.

Gin Wigmore

Let’s talk about makeup. How do you like to wear your makeup?
I love a smoky eye; I’m a sucker for it. I just love loads of black around my eye. I’ve ventured out into having a little bit of blue and purple in there as well, but always love smoky eyes. I love a dark brow and pink blush, too.

Do you have a favorite makeup product?
I’ve got this gorgeous Giorgio Armani foundation—Luminous Silk foundation, which I love. It feels gorgeous on my skin. I also love the M.A.C. eyeshadows. M.A.C. Paint Pot in Blacktrack is wicked. And then I love the Volume Lash Maybelline Mascaras and falsies because they give you those super massive lashes.

Where does your makeup inspiration come from?
I’m not sure where it comes from, but I always liked dark makeup around the eyes. I remember as a kid going to high school and I was the first of our friends to put black eyeshadow around my eyes. I stole it from my mom’s makeup drawer and [my friends] said it was so outrageous that I was wearing this eyeshadow to school and I was like ’yeah it’s great, I love it!’

Gin Wigmore
What is your most memorable performance?
New Years in New Zealand. I make my band do ridiculous [things] because I think it’s really funny and I get a lot of enjoyment out of watching them. The requirement for [the] night was that we needed to wear masks—the more hideous the better. We raced around and we found these grotesque, revolting masks and all took the stage and played our New Years show with them. [My band] just about died from sweating and exhaustion because they were stuck in these plastic things that cover your face with all this hair coming out and [looking] ridiculous. I loved seeing everyone’s faces, just totally shocked and scared. It was great!

Where is one place you would love to perform?
Madison Square Garden—that would be pretty wicked!

How did it feel to perform for ABC’s Gift Of Revenge?
It was so cool being on set and feeling like a rock star!

If you could collaborate with one musician who would it be?
Pat Benatar. She’d be wicked! I think she’s such a cool, ballsy chick and she was so sexy back in the day. She sings about cool stuff and she’s confident about it. Even if we didn’t come up with a song I think we’d have a hilarious time drinking wine and talking.

What’s something a lot of people don’t know about you?
I’m absolutely obsessed with animals. I love dogs and I think by the time I’m 50 I’ll probably have a whole troop. I’ll probably try to get my dogs to play in a band so I can go on tour with them!

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