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Sophisticate’s Meets Aradia


Part singer/songwriter, part sci-fi fashionista, Aradia is an electronic pop artist to keep on your radar. In the follow up to her 2012 EP “Possibilities: Dark,” she switches gears and reveals the softer side to her music with “Possibilities: Light.” Sophisticate’s chatted with the starlet about her sound, hair inspiration and her go-to beauty moves. Catch it all here.

Sophisticate’s: Tell us about the vibe for “Possibilities: Light”?
Aradia: It’s a pop, upbeat, danceable album with songs that reflect the more hopeful side of my experiences over the past few years. When I moved to Seattle my life was kind of rough and a big change of scenery and culture. The songs in the album are inspired by the fast improvements that I experienced as far as the people that came into my life and [my] lifestyle.

Sophisticate’s: Are you working on any other projects?
Aradia: I’m also in an indie rock band called I Am Still Emperor and we play a lot of shows in the area.

Sophisticate’s: How is your hair cut right now?
Aradia: I have a lot of hair and it’s a really weird texture so I can never have it one length. It’s layered, starting a few inches down my head [to] all the way down the middle of my back.

Sophisticate’s: Have you changed up your look to reflect the vibe of your new EP?
Aradia: I did, when I released “Possibilities: Dark” about a year and a half ago, my hair was a bright orange color, striped black and pink. I made my hair blonde to reflect the brighter, happier side of the “Possibilities: Light” album, [so I] took all the streaks out and grew it out a little.

Sophisticate’s: What are some of the hairstyles you like to rock when you’re performing?
Aradia: Sometimes I’ll put my hair into really small braids and right before the show I’ll take my braids out and it will just be this huge kind of curly mess that stays the way its supposed to throughout the whole show.

Sophisticate’s: What’s you go-to casual look?
Aradia: I’ll either put it up in two ponytails on either side of my head, then twist and wrap them in a little bun—it’s kind of like an old school Chinese hairstyle. Other times I’ll do a generic Daenerys Targaryen (of Game of Thrones) kind of [look] where I’ll do one braid around the front of my head and down the side and one French braid down the [other] side and [another] braid down the middle in the back. I’ll wear it like that a lot in the summer because it’s easy and it looks kind of cool.

Sophisticate’s: Tell me about your maintenance routine?
Aradia: For the general upkeep for my hair I use Alterna Bamboo products and Kendi Oil to moisturize my hair. My hair is naturally dry because I have an interesting racial mixture. It’s definitely not wash-and-go hair so I have to keep it moisturized with the Kendi Oil and [use] deep conditioning treatments every time I wash my hair.

Sophisticate’s: What are some of your favorite hair products?
Aradia: Alterna Bamboo UV+ Rehab Deep Hydration Masque is my go-to for conditioning treatments. I don’t use any styling products in my hair but the one secret thing that I use before I style is olive oil. It’s the absolute best thing that I’ve ever used on my hair.

Sophisticate’s: What’s one haircare tip you’d like to share with readers?
Aradia: If you’re going to heat style your hair, never ever put in any oil-based styling product, unless it’s a keratin treatment that’s made for heat styling, or you will end up with deep fried hair. I have done that to myself many times. Then after you’re done heat styling and you want a little extra sheen, use just a quarter-sized amount of olive oil, rub it between your palms and pull it through your hair really lightly.

Sophisticate’s: What features do you like to highlight the most with makeup?
Aradia: I alternate between my eyes and my mouth. So if I’m going to go heavy on my eyes, I’ll do a lighter color on my lips and vice versa.

Sophisticate’s: What’s one product you couldn’t live without?
Aradia: The Christian Dior’s Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation, it’s like airbrush makeup but it comes in a can and you spray it on—it’s awesome!

Sophisticate’s: What’s your go-to glam look?
Aradia: My glam look has a pretty big range but tends to focus on my eyes the most. Sometimes I will wear a lot of heavy dark eye shadow that’s kind of reminiscent of the Blade Runner where Daryl Hannah’s character airbrushes black makeup over her eyes so it’s not quite a full a mask but I’ll approach that sort of look with dark blues, shimmery dark purples or black with glitter mixed in.

Sophisticate’s: Do you have any makeup tips to share with readers?
Aradia: Choose [what] you’re going to focus on and make that [it] dramatic. Don’t do a lot of dark eye makeup and really dark lipstick; it tends to not look good in pictures. It’s also important to know how to highlight your cheekbones and put low lights under your chin, so you’re giving your face contour but you’re not looking like you’re wearing tons of makeup.

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