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Australian movie star Margot Robbie is our June/July 2018 cover star! Check out this issue to see her best blonde bob looks and her favorite haircare tips.

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See what celebs make our “The Best In” list for their standout manes.

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Make a mane statement this season with gorgeous metallic-hued hair!

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Get inspired by your favorite celebs red carpet mane moves!

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Sophisticate’s is giving away over $7,000 worth of this season’s latest and greatest beauty products and tools in the June/July 2018 issue. Check out our Big Beauty Giveaway to enter for a chance to win fabulous swag!

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The hottest must-have products for this season are right here. Get in the know and grab yours today!

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JCPenney Salons and The Salon At InStyle At JCPenney gives us the rundown on how to wear this season’s hottest haircolor.


#RichKids Of Beverly Hills

#RichKids of Beverly Hills - Season: 2

Ready for a front-row seat to the lavish lifestyles of the young and elite? E!’s #RichKids of Beverly Hills is back for a second season of opulence August 3 at 10/9 p.m. EST/CST. The hit show follows a group of millionaire and billionaire friends as they navigate the world through their unique status. Sophisticate’s sat down with the show’s leading ladies to get the details on their go-to hair and beauty moves. Want to get glammed up like a rich kid? Read on…

Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide: What’s your favorite thing about being on the show?
Dorothy Wang: I get to do a lot of cool things with some of my best friends. And I’m a very sentimental person so I love that we have a digital scrapbook of all our experiences.
Morgan Stewart: I get to hang out with my best friends all day long.
Roxy Sowlaty: To be able to enjoy new experiences with my best and closest friends and to be able to watch back moments.

Sophisticate’s: Let’s talk hair! How is yours cut right now?
Dorothy: It’s kind of mid-length with some long layers. I have a lot of layers to build volume and movement ‘cause my hair is so straight.
Morgan: It has not been cut in the past year and a half and I’ve never been happier with it. It’s longer and thicker than it’s ever been.
Roxy: I always have long hair. It’s usually a little bit layered but I like to keep the length long [and] a little shorter in the front.

Sophisticate’s: What’s your best hair experience?
Dorothy: I love getting blow-outs! If I could get a blow-out every single day, I think I would be happier every day. I realized if your hair is done, you can get away with not doing your makeup as much too—it opens up your face.
Morgan: Clip-in extensions!
Roxy: Clip-ins and blow-outs are the best things to ever happen to my hair.


Morgan, Roxy and Dorothy (left to right).

Morgan, Roxy and Dorothy (left to right).

Sophisticate’s: What’s your maintenance routine?
Dorothy: I just use Pantene shampoo and conditioner and after I get out of the shower I wrap it in a towel. And when it’s still a little damp I [apply a] gloss serum and a little bit of a volumizing mousse. My hair is very easy. I could wear it straight all the time and it’ll look fine, but I like a little bit more volume and a little more curl.
Morgan: I wash and shampoo every other day. I use a Wella shampoo it’s Australian and smells amazing. I [use] Moroccan Oil twice a week and some leave-in conditioner and that’s basically the extent of my hair maintenance.
Roxy: I shampoo and condition my hair every time I shower, which is almost every day. I’m totally a sucker for a hair mask, I recently started using the Robert Ramos one and I’m obsessed with it. I always put [in] some sort of oil when I get out of the shower to lock in the moisture, so it doesn’t frizzy. I’m very into the Oribe texture spray, that’s like my go-to before and after styling. It makes [my hair] a little thicker and it looks a little bit unwashed—and I like that.

Sophisticate’s: How do you wear your hair for special occasions?
Dorothy: I usually like to wear it down and wavy and pretty but I’ve been trying to do more hairstyles. I’ve been very big into ponytails recently. The only thing I kind of play with is the part, sometimes I’ll do a middle part, sometimes I’ll do a more extreme side-part, sometimes a zigzag down the middle.
Morgan: Again clip-in extensions (laughs). It really depends; I definitely go for a Veronica Lake look. I do the side-part over one side and have really big, full volume old Hollywood glam look. I can rock a ponytail really well—a high pony works really well for my face because I have a perfect sized forehead.
Roxy: I usually play between loose waves and making my hair straight. I’m not that big on doing crazy hair. I like it more simple and consistent.

Sophisticate’s: What features do you like to play up the most with makeup?
Dorothy: I think the eyes are the most important. I love a thick strip lash. I think it makes all the difference. I love extenuating my cheekbones and thickening up my eyebrows.
Morgan: I definitely am big on an eyebrow—it needs to be penciled in and powered. And obviously eyes are really important. I don’t go anywhere without mascara—that is like number one.
Roxy: I think my eyes are my strongest feature so I’m obsessed with long lashes. I have lash extensions that are the best in the world—I even got Dorothy hooked up on them. I love a cat eye—I think it’s sexy and timeless. I love a little contour but not too heavy—just flawless, glowy skin.

Sophisticate’s: What’s your skincare routine?
Dorothy: I try to drink a lot of water [and] when it’s sunny outside, I wear SPF face moisturizer. I use Clean & Clear exfoliating wash cleanser in the shower and I use Cetaphil. As of right now I don’t use any wrinkle creams or eye creams—I don’t want my skin to get used to it.
Morgan: I’m very big on face wash. I don’t care if its 4:30 in the morning and I’ve been out all night, I will wash my face.
Roxy: I wash my face morning and night. I use cleanser, toner, moisturizer [and] eye cream religiously. I think it’s very important to always clean your skin.

Sophisticate’s: Do you like to get manicures and what are some of your favorite types?
Dorothy: I love nails—nails are my thing! I always get manicures and pedicures. I’m very into the gel and I do the sparkly rock star stuff. Right now I have a silver sparkle with purple tips –they are my Coachella nails.
Morgan: I will not leave the house if my nails are not done. I get my nails done every week. I mix between a solid light pink, coral and red.
Roxy: Yes, at least once a week. I like my nails a little shorter and I stick to Big Apple Red by OPI, OPI’s black color [and] a Chanel white.

#RichKids of Beverly Hills - Season 2


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