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You Love BANGS

Bangs are so much more than a simple hair chop. Good bangs with blend with your hair to amplify any style. From swept up fringe to clean and blunt, here are so many ways to layer your look. The brilliant cuts below will have you wanting bangs in no time.


This coif arcs in towards the face at every angle. Smooth mocha strands hinted with hues of red are blown dry to perfectly frame the face. The final touch is bangs dired to scoop in.

Ruby red tresses are dried to bow outwards before a bend catches the chin the ends. It’s a curious look made better with bangs that mingle around the part line and coin the look with fringe.

A little fringe with precise styling make these bangs the star of this style. The fun and lively curls keep the look sassy while the clean and refined bangs ground the look with class.

The mullet is back, and this is such a chic way to style the classic 80’s mane move. Fringe bangs invite the eyes as hair transitions to a lengthier finish in the back. Colors of roasted coffee with amber and peach blonde highlights make the look rebellious and cool.

A simple straight cut with long bangs is amplified with lots of fringe at all the ends. Dusty blonde locks are textured with shearing scissors to create dynamic layers skimming the surface like feathers.

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