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Iconic looks from the most stylish celebs. You voted on 2020’s Style Icons.

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2020’s Best Change-Ups Styled by Hair Pros at the JCPenney Salon / The Salon By InStyle Inside JCPenney

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Take a look at all the different styles these stars have tried out.

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You Love It CURLY

Curls can be fun and flirty or polished and stretched out, there are just so many ways to work them. Try out beach waves or cut it short and play with a perm. Curling hair is a true art, so scroll on for some mane motivation if you love it curly.


Adorable curls bounce all about this super cute style. The haircut makes room for ample volume, as the short strands can hold big spirals with ease. The cherry red color just adds to the zest.

Sandy blonde tresses made for a summer day are perfectly disheveled with windswept texture. The side bang meets the mane in the midsection, effortlessly fusing with one of the waves.

Shirley Temple would be proud to see her iconic style from 1960’s still reining strong. Colored in pastel strawberry blonde, the lively curls bounce all about and give off youthful verve.

Tight little coils straighten out at the ends, creating complexity in this shorthaired style. The amber color grows in brightness out towards the ends, amplifying each twisty coil.

The wet hair look is totally high fashion and this style goes for it. Damp strands are coated in hair gel and it’s scrunched and shaken as it dries. The goal is for hair to feel dry, but look wet.

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